Star Wars – The Last Jedi, Second Viewing.

Hey, haven’t I said the experience of watching The Last Jedi was still too fresh and I was still under the influence when I wrote my first adhoc resume? Well, today hubby and me were out banking and shopping and quickly watched the movie. While hubby is angry at me, at the world and first of all at Disney, I have to say I was even more impressed than the first time around.

Breakfast of the champion movie-critics.

Maybe it’s a question of where one sits in the theater but I found today’s experience even  more impressive and emotional. The whole time I couldn’t help but thinking: “This is some EPIC stuff, modern day Shakespeare drama with everything! This is what cinema was made for, the real intense feels!”

Was it maybe our seats in the first row? You know usually I always try to find a seat far back in the theater but with a wheelchair you don’t always have a choice. And I wanted to stay close to hubby, so yes, front row it was + 3D + Heavy Metal concert sound! I had forgotten to bring the magic earplugs. 😮

Fortunately we didn’t buy tickets for the V.I.P. screening. When we asked the clerk what that is he told us it’s with moving and vibrating seats in addition to the 3D. I guess 3D is already childish enough, so no VIP treatment for us, thankyouverymuch.

Short, today I was blown away! 😮

No shit, I had to wipe some tears from my eyes in some scenes. :/ Let’s not forget we’re talking about cinema for children here. And hubby and me, we’ve reached the Big 5 Oh. So, yes, Rian Johnson did a great directing job and/or I was particularly gullible for Star Wars shit today. Maybe it’s that time of the month again? No, just dealt with it, so I’m hormonally as well-balanced as any woman can expect.

In all earnesty now, let’s have a kinda real movie review, ok?


Rian Johnson kinda destroyed some stuff that J.J. Abrams had just brought into the game in Episode VII. Our new uber-villain Snoke turned out to be nothing but a fugly little fucker, a real meaniepooface, so Johnson had him deaded. I wonder how J.J. Abrams will deal with that when he takes the helm for Episode IX. But anyway, Johnson’s direction is a league above Abrams’.

The Last Jedi brought nothing new to the table, our bunch of resistance fighters and the New Order are exactly where they were at the start of Episode VII, but thanks to Rian Johnson we never had the feeling we were watching a two-and-a-half hours long film but were always well-entertained.

The whole story arc with Finn and Rose and Benicio Del Toro was bullshit. Fun but didn’t help the saga. Obviously Johnson needed something to do for Rey’s co-star so he sent him on a mission.

Same bullshit with Oscar Isaacs’s Poe Dameron and Laura Dern’s Vice Admiral Holdo. Was it really necessary to teach him a lesson? In the middle of a battle for survival of the resistance?

And then those cute but weird CGI animals. What did they do for the overall story? Nothing, right.

And Luke’s and Leia’s jedi party tricks were truly impressive but then one has to ask, if jedis can be so powerful how come they were obviously so easy to kill en masse, first by the Empire and then by the New Order?

So I have understanding for both sides, the fanbois and the haters. The Last Jedi is a medal with two sides and can easily be named the bestest SW episode (after V: The Empire Strikes Back) or the worstest. Both judgements are valid and true.

What now? Hubby has calmed down by now and just let me know that he too needs to watch The Last Jedi a second time. And then sometimes in two months or so we’ll get the Blu-Ray version. And I guess that’ll be the day for a real O@tM. 🙂



    • Yes! Twice! And I was honestly impressed, second time even more than first time, because we sat diectly in front of the screen. And it was like IN! YO! FACE! MUTHAFOKKAS!!!
      EPIC SHIT!
      Okay, in hindsight I’ve gotta admit it was more shit than epic. Lousy and lazy screenwriting, bad acting, senseless characters, plotholes bigger than the galaxy … but it was sooo well made, really the most beautiful SW film of them all. Let’s say it was a product of its time: Pretty box, shitty content.

      Yes, Star Wars is dead!


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