RebornFullLogoYa, no. I haven’t found my faith this time of the year, still am the same soulless bitch and … this ain’t about some religious bullshit anyways. It is about a new(ish) Arch based Linux distro, called RebornOS. Reborn is based on Manjaro‘s biggest rival, Antergos, and I haven’t figured out yet what exactly the difference is between Antergos and Reborn. Both are – as already stated – based on ArchLinux and a bit closer to the orginal upstream than Manjaro. And both are giving you the choice to decide between a whole plethora of desktop environments and window managers during installation. is super on one hand, since you only need one installation medium for all kinds of desktops you wanna try and play with, on the other hand it makes the installation process very very sloooow … and buggy. My personal attempts to install Antergos to any of my hardware failed more often than they succeeded. So I jumped on Reborn the very minute I heard about this newnew distro, hoping for a better experience.

Screen on the left side is my trusty main machine, MiniMax, recently running LinuxMint 18.3. The little one to the right hand side is Gaga, as you know by now, and in the process of getting Reborn put onto it. to say I failed again. 😦 I’m so glad I at least thinkered about making a snapshot during the installation. And why wouldn’t I? You get these silly ideas since it takes soooo fukn looong and one gets bored staring at the sceen. No, it won’t take as long as your usual Windows installation but at least, like, twenty minutes. Only to end up in shit and tears. :.(

Will try it again tomorrow or so …


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