Don’t use Firefox! Here’s Why:

Thank you Fast Gadgets. And here’s Bryan Lunduke’s angry take on Mozilla’s latest fukuppy. If you know what a clownish, sarcastic person Bryan usually is, if you can look behind his video, you might be able to see how angry and disenfranchised he truly is:

So, we see it’s kinda immoral to further use Firefox browser. Yes, even if the new version is super fast and geeky and shit, Mozilla have fucked up. They aren’t “the shiny beacon on the hill of awesome” anymore. Let’s settle with Pale Moon and/or WaterFox web browsers. I’ll do a writeup about those things soon …


And don’t start with Chrome. Don’t even talk to me about Gøøgle’s fukn browser, dammit! This is for adults, for aware and polititically minded sentient beings. No matter how nifty and fast your fukn Chrome is, we are adult human beings, with a right to privacy. We are not to be degraded to mere sheeples and cattle and consumer commodities!



  1. That latest Mr Robot stunt (as much as I love the series 😉 was a total PR disaster. I am using Waterfox for quite some time now …. and if you want something chromesque on your desktop and feel good about it …. you can … just use Iron 😉 Thats basically Chrome without Google in it maintained by a group of people that are not affiliated with the company. Because let’s face it … Firefox is unusable in a professional environment while Chrome is

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    • I lost interest in Mr. Robot after the first season. When the makers said the second season will be more about his state of mind than about computers and hacking, I lost interest completely. We all have seen how cukoo he is, now the case is solved for me.

      Buuut, why ain’t FF unusable in a professional environment? I started my browsing on the fox’s predecessor, what the name: Netscape or so? And then straight onto FF. Never used any MS browser, with that known exception of course. And I used my iMac only offline, so didn’t even check any Apple browser.



      • Well the second season had its moment, and I think it wasn’t that bad, so looking forward to season three now .. when I finally find the time 😉 Still so much Hawaii 5-0 and Dr Who to be binge watched 😉

        The problem comes from a management point of view. Until today there is no way to customise the installation through group policies. You can maybe script something, but that is nothing more then a crutch. Google actually realised that built their chromium framework in that way, that the browser is fully manageable through policies, which gives it an edge over Firefox and its brothers and sisters. My preferred browser these days is Iron, even though I am having an eye on Vivaldi, since I loved Opera of the old days 😉

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        • When I left the corporate world in 99, our company had just switched from Unix terminals to PCs for all the girls in the office and we just brought our first website online and nobody was used to the internet. Of course me and my colleagues of the IT department we all had internet access and used it but most of the office drones had better things to do than wasting their workdays on the internet. It was a big thing when I made email accounts for all employees. 😉 Most didn’t know what that even is.
          And I wouldn’t even know how to auto-group-install software. I guess we had some software solution so when we got new PCs we could install 10 at a time or so.

          So if I remember correctly the whole firm was on IE … except me and the guys in IT. We were on Netscape I guess. And I made a point of not using any MS shit, except my Windows install. Don’t wanna know what would have happend if my boss had found that out. Oh, he hated my guts anyway but since I was the only non-dyslexic person in the department and wrote most of our official letters and sorted my boss’s paperwork and did all the procurement for the whole dept, he handled me with velvet gloves. If anything bad would have happened to me my co-workers would’ve killed that fucker. 🙂 Anyway, 2 mth after I quit my job, my boss was fired. =^.^=


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