Early Morning Onsen @ Kumamoto

Early morning?

Why of course. It’s my favourite time of the day and I can bathe in peace and quiet and without the need to chat. Of course I had forgotten that not only a whole bunch of the usual notecards had arrived in my inbox but some well-meant xmas cards as well … and of course the almost daily vehicle by Foneco Zuzu (ZZ Bottom).


Today it was a super nifty mountain bike that went faster than some of my motorcycles. 😮

Apart from that I received seasonal greeting cards from Auntie Gemma Vukovich (of NYC fame), Jacqueline Trudeau (of Trudeau Classic Yachts) and the girls of Tyral Threndor with my new friend, the shamelessly bust heavy Rose Brightflame.

Thx all for thinking about this almost forgotten avatar. xxoxoox

But now off to the onsen of the day:

The list of good onsens is getting very short now. In fact I guess this was the last “doable” one.





Yeah, they are promising a lot, and they’ve got a full sim to deliver a lot. Buuut, why did they name it Kumamoto Japan Mainland if it’s indeed an island, a single sim, not connected to any mainland continent? Anyhoo, the sim was more or less empty, except that weird German girl with her bathhouse fetish was running around there, looking for something. Huge parcels, almost a quarter sim, were empty and the handful shops didn’t seem to do too well.

Not our problem, isn’t it?

Weird setup: After I entered the onsen through the female curtain all I found was a freebie vendor for a towel with very detailed instructons how to get it and find it in inventory. What a waste.

Also this “towel” looks more like a white mini dress, doesn’t it. That’s exactly the pretty un-Japanese lack of attention to detail which makes Kumamoto such a bad onsen. It is very lazy and lackluster.

In fact the onsen part of this onsen were just two kinda uninspired, old prim pools with balls for sitting poses. But the steam in one of the pools was quite impressive. 🙂
One ball further right from me and I would’ve been invisible.
Second pool is similarly bad just without steam.
The whole setup made an impression of being from the old old SL times … and the setting wasn’t nice neither. I mean if I build an outdoor onsen I make sure it’s located in an inspiring landscape. Not so here in this quasi industrial complex. 😦

As already mentioned the list of available onsens is spreading thin now. Tomorrow I’ll browse thru it again and see if I forgot the one or other onsen or if any new entries arrived on the grid. As for Kumamoto … no, I can’t recommend it.

Kumamoto is one of those typical SL sims, founded on hubris, as a quick way to fame and riches. Unfortunately it just isn’t good enough and lacks appeal to attract people to come and visit here.



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