Why No Linux Posts Anymore?

Hai, so you noticed it too, right? What’s up with the editrix and her Linux hobbyhorse? Why doesn’t she write angry distro reviews and agitated propaganda pieces anymore?

Because … reasons, guys. Because reasons!

I feel I’ve done more or less all I could. At least with my uneducated, clueless but open mind and very limited skillset. I guess whoever’s following this blog since a while knows all about Linux I wanted them to know, so basically as much as I know. And if someone felt inspired to jump on the GNU/Linux train or at least try it out on a virtual machine or a spare machine, they have done so by now. And they most probably have made up their minds as well and decided either for or against Linux and either accepted or kicked it from their lifes.


And the second reason is the state of Linux in itself. I check distrowatch.com  at least once a week in order to stumble over new distros or reworked old ones. But it’s all so boring lately. No, wrong, not really boring. And as a starter in Linux I’d have exciting times now as there are indeed some strong contenders ready on the download servers, waiting for us to check ’em out. In fact was 2017 a particularly good and strong year for desktop Linuxes. We’ve seen the newcomers Solus and the OB Revenge/Mate Revenge and ArchMerge starting strong and seemingly cruising from strength to strength.https://a.fsdn.com/allura/p/obrevenge/icon?1507825694?&w=48


And Orca – not lazy – jumped on the opportunity and tested them more or less thoroughly. Only to end up dissatisfied or excited but then disappointed in the long run. As I’ve stated often enough by now, I’ve found my personal best distro(s), my Linuxes that I use on all my machines every day, as workhorses or just for fun testing. And I found them long ago.  My appetite for new and exciting distros isn’t as strong as it once was and I rarely ever change anything in my setups but stick to what I know.

Believe me, as soon as a new story about an exciting new distro appears, I’ll be sucking the download server, and install that shit on Gaga or MiniMe or OrcNet. And I’ll write about that specific Linux and I’ll let you know what I think about it.

Just right now, after a lot of excitement throughout the year, the Linux scene seems to be on general xmas vacation already. So please forgive me for the lack of exciting and worldmoving Linux newnesses in this blog. I know most of you will. 🙂


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