Naota Nanase Onsen

Whoa, what’s that? An onsen with cryotanks? Or is that not an onsen at all but just a mere spa? A science fiction spa. But a Japanese spa. Which kinda makes it an onsen, no?

However, our little nekkid reporter was at such a place. And here is her story:

The Nanase Corps’ Gallery and Spa Café is located directly at a Linden Road on the “Japanese” mainland continent of Satori. How fittingly. 😉
We already see at the entrance that this will be quite different from the more traditional onsen experience. No warm natural woods here.
The café is also rather cold and futuristic. But sitting on a table, usually reserved for high and mighty Japanese bosses, feels kinda nice.
No personel! Am I supposed to flip my own burgers?
Ok, done! Bon apétite.
The un-dressing area is also rather out in the open. Not everyone will like that. But since I’m here all by my lonesome I can live with the lack of privacy. It’s not as if there is a camera aimed at me all the time. 😉
Washy, washy.
The very few rules are also quite different from traditional bathhouses. Wear or don’t wear swimwear, and don’t get wood or use it. Simples.
Footsy washy!
And taking a shower …
Yes, more showers.
Oh, we’ve definately arrived in The Future now, as clearly indicated by the hologram work station. Oh, and best news: The whole thing runs on GNU/Linux, works as a vacuum cleaner as well as a computer … and there are no Google stuffs and no cloud. =^.^=
Next step: Sauna. It’s very nice in its spaceship styling. The glass front won’t be to everyone’s liking since it feels a bit like you’re a fish in an aquarium.
But a whole plethora of various anims makes more than up for it.
This is luxury. Too early to sigh a “gokuraku, gokuraku”?
Pfff, luxury massage tables but no staff around. I am a selfmade girl … but giving myself a backrub is outside of my skillset. :/
Hooo, hot bath! I feel how the heat opens my pores and cleanses me from the inside out.
There is a second one-person bath tub on the opposite side of the main pool.
Now, that is what I call water! This is truly the bestest water surface I’ve seen in SL so far.
And we even have some water treading anims, so there’s indeed something to do in the water.
So calming.
But there are plenty anims for just lounging on the side of the pool.
For couples and singles.
You’ll find enough things to do and pose.
This is truly the bestest spa setup I’ve ever encountered in SL.
And besides the main pool …
… the nanase onsen also features a “natural” rock pool to relax in.
The sunbed, in congruence with the tasteless poster, let’s me feel like I’m caught in a gay porn film. 😦
Otoh tasteful nude photos are nice. 😉
Are these schwanzes? OMG, where am I?
Aha, okeee. It’s a very old tradition with power spots and shit. No, absolutely no thought wasted on erected male genitalia. Remember kidz, this is a No Fuck Spa!

So, what can I say about the Naoto Nanase bathhouse, other than

Gallery and Spa and Cafe

which is the only explanation we receive. No idea what Naoto Nanase is but they are obviously very rich and coming from the future or so. The spa is super nice in its particular futuristic style. Cool but not cold, a space to feel well in. I gotta say I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at the Nanase Corps’ bathhouse.


  1. Interesting style mix. I really have to take an onsen tour some time. I had like two or three I visited regularly, but they shut down business some time ago, so your guide is more then helpful … Now I have to get some personal in place to fully utilize the onsen 😉 don want to end up forgotten and rotting on that massage table ;D

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ya, lol, that’s always the risk when you go out to take a bath all alone. It’s not the danger of getting stalked and raped but ending up all lonely and forgotten on a defunct massage table. We should found a group, a sauna/onsen/spa group and do group excursions and outings to some places.

    You still got a place I haven’t been to yet? The SL Search is slowly running out of results.
    I mean, once I’m thru with the Japanese bathhouses I could widen my research and check out public pools and beaches. I know the good old Uccie has built a pool on the Bay City main road.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh well I have my way with wannabe predators … usually works like a charm ;D
    But I really like the idea of a group of likeminded Onsen/Spa/Beach Addicts to meet and have a nice time together as well as share new findings.
    I have to look through you list completely, but since all Onsens I used to go to have vanished, you have probably covered everything.

    Liked by 1 person

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