We love eggs!

The bigger the better. So when we’re shopping for groceries we don’t take Large eggs, no, not even Xtra Large. And we won’t even stop with the Jumbo size. 😮

All we accept now are Super Jumbo eggos! 🙂

But …


See how they cheated? They were using twinsets, killing four fetuses instead of the usual two. That’s mean isn’t it? Murder. Magical but murder! I really have no idea how they’re doing that, only that we now have four soon-to-be birdies frying in the pan. Four life-dreams crushed into oblivion. 😮 What a massacre!!! 😦

For me it means having kinda four eggs to eat for breakfast instead of two. So it’s all good I suppose.




  1. i got excited because i thought it was about fried eggs with banana, which i love 💖 💗 💕 see 3 emotes for how much and it wasn’t 😢 Give us more good food blogs specially with christmas around the corner my last meal was from the xmas market, and just perfect steinbrod, with mushrooms quark and onions yummy and a jaegertea xxx

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    • You were in Belize? Really? How is it there? Uncivilized me-Tarzan-you-Jane territory or does one get good internet thereabouts? You know hubby and me were thinking about moving to Belize for a while but decided against it and in favour of Saffa. Bestest decision evar!!!!!


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