*H*E*L*P* *P*L*E*A*S*E*

Please help me!!! Help me keep my palm tree alive.


Any other botanical or naturethingish, treehugger educated … biologists, botanists, florists … I need your help. Look at these sad but true photos:

Our palm tree, a good friend since we moved here, 15 years ago. We saw him grow in height, and also growing more branches. And he or she did always well, survived stormy springs, dry summers, rainy falls and chilly/freezy winters. And now look, half of the branches seem to be dead. 😮

Yes, yes, I know we’re in a dramatic drought … but hey, it’s a fukn palmtree! Should be able to handle the crisis. Also I must admit I’m an irresponsible resident of this fair city and still water our plants … at least some of them. Asshole me. 😦

However, this is nothing special for that palmtree, he’s seen worse. So why is he dying on us? Or is he? He sure looks sick. :/



    • Obrigado, Lucy. Now I have an idea what to look for and how to treat my dragon. Ours is almost 4 meters tall now, maybe it’s overgrown and needs some cutting down?


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