O@tM: Star Wars – The Last Jedi


The bestest SW ever? So far?

And the title already is a lie.

Yes, your editrix was @ the movies. But the experience is much too fresh with me to do a thorough write-up about it. That will follow once the Blu-Ray is out and attainable. What I can do today is giving you a short heads-up and my feelings about The Last Jedi.

Leia and her bestest pilot.

Having missed the 14:00h screening I went in at 17:00 and enjoyed the movie in an only half-filled cinema. That was good. And a not too blasting loud sound was also nice. I didn’t even have to wear my earplugs. Only the 3D was terrible as always. Didn’t enjoy the carnevalesque effects a bit but was disappointed by the lack of clarity that often comes with 3D. At least for me since I’m wearing the 3D goggles in front of my regular prescription glasses. A not very comfy experience, I can tell you.

Finn gets his revenge on Captain Phasma.

So you wanna know how that movie was, right? Of course. I’ll tell you after this little disclaimer: I’m still a bit under the influence of Star Wars, even after having slept the night. My opinion will probably change over the course of the next few weeks and after watching some reviews and watching Last Jedi for a second time. So there’s the grain of salt.

The Luke/Rey story arc. But don’t expect a Yoda/Luke remake here.

Apart from that I can say I’m really impressed. Rian Johnson directed this SW movie far better than Lucas’ and Abrams’ half-baked tries. I won’t go as far as saying it’s even better than  Episode 5 but it’s really good … as far as SW flicks are to be measured. The Last Jedi works almost as a stand-alone movie, has some nice character development and moves through its paces with a nice flow.

“Hi, I’m here to sell you plushy toys!”

Of course the optical spectacle is of the finest and the opening sequence transports us directly into a very very well executed space battle. And the film never gets boring, even during its inevitable slower parts. Johnson changes the scenes quite often, but not in a hectic way but always so it makes sense. The camera is always at the right location so to speak. 🙂

This huggable little Asian cuddlegirl is unfortunately a throwaway character and in love with Finn. Buhbyeee. :..(

Without wanting to get into spoilers I will tell you this much (and you might wanna close your eyes now for a minute, so you won’t get spoiled):

The three main story arcs. These characters hardly meet in the movie.

– Princess Leia is there throughout the whole movie. Not CGI generated but the real Carrie Fisher. She was obviously nice enough to wait with the dying business until the director said it’s a wrap.

– Like Han in Epi. VII, Luke is taking his final leave in this one. But since he’s a jedi we can count on many many returns in future episodes.

– If you were looking forward to see much of the tiny plushy creatures you’ve gotta curb your enthusiasm. These mini-penguin/bears were purely in the movie to sell merchandise.

– The Last Jedi is refreshingly funny in parts. Still taking itself serious and not drifting into comedy territory. Very well done balancing act.

– Speaking of balance, this was the overall most lasting impression. Like The Force, this movie is a finely balanced piece of film making.

– The Last Jedi is kinda long. 152 minutes reaches almost Korean/Japanese epicness. But while sitting thru it you won’t feel bored or find any unnecessary scenes. Everything is still kept very economical and every scene has a right to be in the movie.

– Domhnall Gleeson’s General Hux, as well as Andy Serkis’ Super Mufti Snoke find their well-earned ends in the movie. Good decision to let them go. They were the weakest parts of the franchise, laughable as super villains and not very welcomed by the audiences.

– Most important tho: Rey stays on the light side and won’t fall for Kylo Ren’s siren call.

– Oh and her parents were … *drumroll* NOBODIES! Scrap metal dealers on the run from the authorities who left their little girl stranded on Jakku. As Kylo Ren so suitingly stated she’s got “no part in the story.”

And since this ain’t your regular full-service O@tM I’ll show you only one review today. Mark Kermode’s fresh impressions who are astonishingly congruent with mine. So there:

… and if you want you might watch the interview with Rian Johnson as well:


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