Orca’s Mini PC Fetish

Oh yes, call me a pervert, I freely admit to it. And who’s be better suited to fulfill my kinky needs than Azulle, the revered makers of finest little desktops with some spunk. Their newest model is a no-compromise computer, a real computer with a choice of Intel i3, i5 and i7 processors. So no Atom based weakling chips anymore but pure power.

Looking good, looking sexy.

And the selling point for many consumers will be its completely fanless – ergo noiseless – design!

But before you buy, watch this video first and find out what’s so nifty about the Azulle Inspire:

You might have noticed that I’m kinda promoting Azulle Tech products for a while now on this blog. Me, the anticapitalist girl from the woods, the naive DIY witch, the America-basher. But believe me I don’t have any sinister agenda by doing so, I’m not selling these things and I’m not connected with Azulle Tech in any way, shape or form. In fact are Azulle’s nifty products basically the same as many others from those Shenzhen tech manufacturers … with the one discerning difference: Azulle is based in the USA and you buy their products directly from Amazon or Gearbest or whatever those boxmovers are called. So no hassle with Chinese fly-by-night operations (“me build you computer long time”), no wonky fees slapped on you by US customs but just order like any other product. Very lazy and convenient. 😉


My former Azulle-related blogposts:






And now, as always the reveal of why the eff am I doing this: I want to give all my readers a worthwile alternative to thousand years old used shit, dealing with untrustworthy thrift shop owners and stupid cousins. Go, buy an Azulle machine and be done with it.

Oh, you wanna know why you should buy a computer in the first place?

Easy, to install Linux on it, dummy! 🙂



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