What Where They Thinking???

Special Holiday Gift for Premium Members!

Special Holiday Gift for Premium Members!
Premium yes. But loyal? You’re joking, right? I’d never be loyal to a commercial supplier. And a firm consisting purely of totally inept, mentally challenged assclowns even less so! It’s a strong principle of mine.

Don’t they see that they are amidst the biggest PR desaster in  years? That they, like, totally fuckered it this time? Or are they aware of it? Is that maybe the reason why they are sending out another Premium Gift for the angry premium SLers?

I don’t know what to think of it. Will this gift be strong enough to buy my goodwill and get me on their side again? Or is it just a sucky, unworthy freebie shit, brought to us by the masters of unworthy?

Let’s find  out, shall we?

First a look at the too looooong notecard:

Congratulations! You are the proud owner of not one but TWO drivable Glytch Buses!

What is a Glytch Bus? The Glytch Bus is from the new game Tyrah and the Curse of the Magical Glytches. In the game, one of the ways magical creatures known as ‘glytches’ escape from residents attempting to capture them is by casting a spell. One of those spells causes a bus full of glytches to appear and run the player over. Well, this winter, you can drive yourself and up to 6 of your friends across the grid in your very own Glytch Bus!

The Glytch Bus comes in two versions. One is the basic version as seen in the game, and the other is a winter version decked out in holiday style with lights, a pair of antlers and a shiny red nose. Simply drag the one you want onto the ground from your inventory and you are ready to roll!

Driving the Glytch Bus is easy. It has a highly sophisticated one speed gearbox, which means no shifting gears is required! Pressing the M key after you are seated allows you to drive from a first person view. This is handy for looking out the windows at the scenery as you drive by or turning around to make sure your passengers haven’t fallen out as you bump along in vintage transport style.

The directional controls are as follows:

Use the WASD or ←↑↓→ keys to drive.
Use C or [PgDn] to brake.
Use E or [PgUp] to hop over small obstacles.

Things to keep in mind:

-Only the owner of the Glytch Bus may drive the Glytch Bus.

-Passengers should board the Glytch Bus AFTER the driver is seated.

-Boarding the Glytch Bus is done by simply clicking or sitting anywhere on the Glytch Bus.

-Passengers can choose their seat by moving their camera view inside the bus and sitting on the seat they wish to occupy.

-If you drive your Glytch Bus in a manner that it should become inverted or falls over, pressing the C or [PgDn] key will cause it to right itself.

-The Glytch Bus is a 7 Passenger vehicle. Seating more than 7 occupants is not recommended.

-Animations and sit targets are designed for standard sized avatars.

-Motion sickness pills are not included.

For more information on Tyrah and the Curse of the Magical Glytches: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:TCMG

To play Tyrah and the Curse of the Magical Glytches:

Pheeew, so much to read just for driving a bus?


Are they aware that only, dunno, maybe 10 – 12 avies are playing their silly Glytches game and the rest of us is only looking for a partybus, a people mover, for us and our 6 bestest buddies? Guess not. Else they would’ve made something better than this:

Looks like very very old prim builds. I believe it’s in fact mesh but much too lazy to check.
Suprised by how lively this thing drives I decide to do a little test drive on Sansara.
It’s indeed a joy to drive this bus. In the first couple minutes. Then it developed a tendency to veer over towards left and was tricky to control. Weird. :/
Inspired by LL’s claim of up to 6 passengers I decide on a whim to log my youngest sister, Phree Radikal, in and take her along. Let’s roll!
So far so good, so litte while later OhOrca Oh joins us. “Hey bishies, take me?”
From Oh’s POV only Phree was rezzed ok-ish.
My altsisters are both very lightweight so the Linden bus is still driving fine.
After some more sims, we pick up Mowry Rubble from the side of the road. “Mind if I join in?”
Phree and me call them the twins, eventhough they are very different. But both wearing the same wig and identical clothes makes them kinda twin-like.
Our Glytch bus is still doing ok-ish and I’m a fan of leaning to The Left anyway. 😉
We enter the snowlands. Not only since y’all have snowy season now anyway but since it’s spectacularly nice there and we’re driving those roads far too seldomly.
“Heyyy! Don’t forget you super intelligent brother, bishes!!!”
After a heated and controversial discussion about if we should take our only altbrother, the hopelessly macho troglodyte tiny bunny Neotel Netizen, along on the ride, I, as the oldest sister, the only original Orca, the only premium member and owner of the Glytch Bus, reintroduce good old dictatorship, I let the always grumpy Neo join us. My feminist sisters are not amused. :/
After I promise them that I’ll put a muzzle on Neo and we only need him as load tester, they agree with my decision. Thx bitches. 🙂
Okay, 5 avies logged in on the same computer plus driving a vehicle, the experience becomes rather laggy now. It’s caused mainly by Neo I guess. He’s an oldschool freebie Poco Loco tiny and very heavy on scripts I guess. I hope the owner of this chalet will forgive me the trespassing and crashing into their home.
It’s got to be said again: Sansar’s snowlands are pretty nice. I mean as long as you’re a tourist there and don’t have to live in that white shit permanently it’s kinda awesome.
As wasn’t to be expected any other way, Neo was the first to crash and tumble outta the bus at a sim border.
It’s astonishing how differently Neo saw the situation. On his viewer he was still sitting inside a non-rezzed bus, and I was the only other avie there with him. Strange. :/
Snow and ice and a steep incline! I’m scared. 😮
Pheew, made it! Buuut. Where are the others? And why is my noggin stuck in the roof?
Aha, Neo’s in limbo, paralyzed in the air somewhere.
And Oh or Mowry is caught in the asphalt.
I’ve got quite enough now. The lag is soooo baaaad I can hardly move myself. So I abandon the bus and TP to Brauer where my VW bus(ses) is (are) parked. Then I TP my alts over for a last group shot.

I gotta say this is after a long while a rather nice Premium Gift the Lindens came up with. The Glytch Bus looks rather wonky but drives nicely and wouldn’t have had any problems if my passengers wouldn’t have been all alts and hosted on one and the same PC. I guess sharing the load between two machines would’ve been better. Not all four of my fleet tho since that, would just overburden my weak-ish African connection.



  1. Not quite as lame as other Linden gifts. Reminds me of a bus a friend created in 2005. No wait he made it look like a cartoon but it also threw you out at sim crossings. But it was cutting edge technology in 2005.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, the bus drives very nicely. Only us four girls in the bus was quite fine and we drove fast and without any problems.
      The one borked sim xing only happened after Neotel joined us. I guess tiny avies of the old times used to be rather heavy and laggy. He was catapulted from the bus a bit earlier already. At a sim xing me and my sisters survived without any troubles.

      Liked by 1 person

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