Saving Private Berry

\o/ YAY! \o/ Berry’s integrity and LL’s honour are saved … well kindasorta.

Brain and beauty and a strong moral compass win over mindless office bots!

As I’ve just learned half an hour ago the lab took their complaint back and even apologized to Berry. Is that a first? I guess it is. Must’ve been really awkward for the kidz at the lab to get scolded by far more mature and intelligent customers.

Where LL found Tia Linden.

But read all about how it played out here, in Mona’s blog.

Hmm, dunno, maybe it’s true what they say about sociopathic computer geeks with lacking comunication skills. What I know to be true is that it’s a fukn wonder Linden Lab is still in business, making millions and wasting them on shortlived sideshow projects like Sansar.

Fortunately my trust in The Lab wasn’t disturbed by their latest fukup since they lost my trust and sympathy and willingness to pay more than my minimal Premium fee already years ago. I’d like to own more land, get my old OrCafé parcels back and then  maybe some more. But I won’t give my money to a business I can’t trust.

BUUUT! Now imagine this would’ve happened to you or me or any of us smalltime residents and bloggers. Do you think you’d gotten that much support by the community, that your or mine mistreatment would’ve been turned into such a public shamefest for LL?

All I know is that, after 5 or 6 or even more years I’m still waiting for an explanation why I was banned from the SL forum. You think I shall receive any word from LL soon?



    • I’m now contempt with being an underground smalltime anarchist, a weak, unsupported freedom fighter without any means of fighting back. At least I’m super sexy! So there. That’s something I have that The Lab can’t take away from me. 🙂

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    • Oh, I let it go years ago. I’m no Ahab and I refuse to imagine LL as my white whale. But I love to use this episode with irregular non-responsive modbots and a powerless victim as an anecdotal example for when dealing with The Lab.

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