More Boo! on LL

Willow wrote a very honest and heartfelt blogpost about LL’s latest attempt to shoot themselves in the foot:

It’s really not a pleasure doing business with them.

And CheriColette has this photo on her flickr just to show that everybody  can make snapshots with the eye in hand logo. I don’t see what’s wrong with that.

Chericolette’s flickr account

And even our professional blogger Hamlet Au wrote about it on his New World Notes blogsite:

Linden Lab’s actions seem contrary in spirit if not in letter to its stated policies around media use of its trademarks, unless the company’s assumption is that bloggers like Strawberry are not “real” media. (Even though her blog gets more pageviews than many traditional news sites.) What’s stranger is that Linden Lab is not only focused on protecting its trademark, but “images of our registration, avatar building and home pages”. And those are very much the subject of legitimate journalistic and academic interest:
Most interesting about this post are – as always at NWN – the comments below the article.


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