Do I or Don’t I?

Check the prescreening of Star Wars: The Last Jedi in 45 minutes at our local theatre?

Do I have to watch it today?

Hm, it’s tempting.

But then … our local cinema only shows it in 3D, which I hatehatehate. And, honestly not feeling like leaving the house tonight anyway. So I guess I’ll go sometime tomorrow and watch the spectacle in the better theatre where they also show it in 2D.


Also hubby, as usual, refuses to “feed that fukn franchise with even more dollars.” I guess I’m gonna convince him to join me at or around xmas to watch it with me. We did it two years ago for Episode 7 and he was astonishingly calm and didn’t start WW3 against Hollywood. So I guess I can manage to take him to the movies with me. 🙂

Ya, okeeee … tomorrow then. :/


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