Akzo Nobel Forced to Slow Down! :o

Muito obrigado for the link, Lucy. xoxoxox

Some explosion aboard?

I didn’t even know individual teams had their own websites. Thx very much for finding this very recent piece of newness for us, Lucy.

Damage to the track that attaches the mainsail to the back edge of the mast on team AkzoNobel’s Volvo Ocean 65 race boat has forced the crew to slow the boat down as the sailors assess the problem and try to identify potential repair options.

The damage, which was reported to Volvo Ocean Race control by email from team AkzoNobel navigator Jules Salter (GBR) this morning, happened as the crew was in fourth place, gybing along the Antarctic Ice Exclusion Zone (AIEZ) in 35 knots of wind and big seas.

Back in my day, we used to do it like “Hold my beer and hand me the rivet gun … *Popp Popp* … ready, finito. Let’s sail!” 🙂

But in 2017 everything is always such a big production and drama. :/


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