1. Some people need a whack with a sledgehammer. Here in Germany the whole topic is also wildly discussed and the two arguments in favor of ending neutrality is usually “automatic driving” and “remote medicine” …. neutrality or not. I never will enter a self driving car that is connected to the regular internet, and I hope that I have never to face surgery on vital organs, were the surgeon commandeers the tools via internet battling with lolcats for the traffic.
    Neutrality is there for a reason. It might be a pain in the butt sometimes, but still it is far more beneficial then the crap they are trying there.


  2. The effects of not having net neutrality have already happened back in 2014. You would be watching a show on Netflix and suddenly the message “Buffering” would appear as the show paused. Of course, that was before everyone started streaming so not that many people noticed. Back then Netflix howled about it. This time around Netflix is one of the big boys so they can afford to pass the cost on to you.

    In the near future your self-driving car is just about to apply the breaks to stop before a busy intersection. Are you going to notice the buffering with band width exceeded message as that Audi plows into you?


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