O@tM: Roundup

While I’m mentally preparing for the latest Star Wars spectacle, let me quickly do some shoot from the hip short reviews of a bunch of movies we’ve watched during the last couple weeks and months. Stuff I just forgot to write about or I couldn’t make up my own mind and had on the back-burner for a while. I just hope I’m not forgetting some of ’em again.

Ok, let’s watch some flicks:


Kingsman’s second coming left me with mixed emotions. Of course it could never reach the freshness of the first installment but the way they tried to make up for that wasn’t good. Sorry, but reviving Colin Firth’s Harry Hart seemed like grabbing for the last straw. And Julianne Moore was a particularly weak antagonist in an endless parade of weak villains.

Overall it was a mildly entertaining flick but still a league below the first Kingsman movie.


Yes, we’ve all heard about what a cinematic tour de force wunder movie director extraordinaire Christopher Nolan had created with his telling of the well-known WW2 disaster of the British expedition forces at Dunkirk. And he did indeed many things right. For example keeping the film rather short (94 mins.) and not wasting any time on character development and exposition. With these simple tricks he avoided tripping into the sentimentality trap and turning his movie into a pathos laden crybaby propaganda vehicle. Bravo for that.

On the other hand did Dunkirk turn out rather anaemic and clinical and left us without any moments to remember. And it didn’t touch us emotionally at all. That’s why I didn’t want to write a O@tM just for Dunkirk alone. This multiple Oscars candidate didn’t even inspire me to write a lengthy review.

Not the killers, the vamps are lesbians!

Campy, schlocky modern B-movie that wasn’t neither as bad nor as sexy as we expected it to be. We’d wished for more gore and blood and nekkid girlies from this R rated flick. And/or more humour.

Total bullshit but a good timewaster that should go down well with the right amount of beer. 🙂


Well done, not too embarassing ego-project by Ben Affleck with a good cast and production value. That Affleck is a decent director and so-so actor we already knew, so no surprises in that department.

A bit bland and boring mafia spectacle that didn’t leave an impression on us.

Morgues are spooky, aren’t they?

Cox and Hirsch play father and son coroners who receive a mysterious homicide victim with no apparent cause of death. As they attempt to identify the beautiful young “Jane Doe,” they discover increasingly bizarre clues that hold the key to her terrifying secrets.

This IMDb synopsis says all there is to say about this movie. It’s well played, competently made and kept us on our toes and the edge of our seats. What else could one expect from a horror thriller with only a handful of characters that plays out in the course of one night?

Really nice movie.

Spinal Tap
Classic from 1984


Hubby and me, both ex-metal heads, were disappointed. Yes, it was kinda funny, and rock geeky, and insider jokery. And the cast perfecly shows us what a band in the second rung of the British Metal Invasion was supposed to be like.

BUUUUT! It could’ve been soooooo much better, more bitey, more dramatic, more funny, more black, more faster, more hysterical. Short, Spinal Tap would’ve needed much more of everything in all departments to really stand out and become the great film everybody’s telling us it is.

Modern classic from 2001

In lack of good new stuff coming out of Hollywodland lately I had the neat idea to rewatch The Shipping News, a movie I really liked when we watched it back in the day. I guess everybody had heard about the great cast and the plot and how good a movie it is.

However, now in late 2017 Ship News failed to excite me again. Knowing exactly what’s about to happen, and when, I reacted exactly like huge parts of the audience did back in 2001: I found it a bit sleepy and unfocussed. Still a great film, for when you’re in the right mood.

Atomic Monster!

This Japanese production from 2016 brought us the BIGGEST GODZILLA EVER! Apart from that nothing new in Shin Gojira. It’s still the same old story of a nuclear monster, only this time created by the last nuke bomb test by the Frenchies. Remember the “Fuck Chirac!” protests? Yeah, that one created a new gojira. Some nicely done monster scenes, the rest is a bone dry procedural with lots of meetings and conferences and lots of people talking lots of nonsense (we blame the totally inept subtitle makers for that).

In fact this Gojira was soooo bland I couldn’t watch it to the end. According to hubby it didn’t pick up the pace or the action after I retired to the sofa, so I guess even the super campy and naiive first iterations of Godzilla from the 50s and 60s are more charming and entertaining than this one.

Nothing new in carland.

Nothing new in this flick. At all. It’s the same old revenge of the old hero story we’ve seen too often already. Not even Pixar’s impeccable technology can help lifting this trainwreck out of the scrapyard.

To be honest, I wouldn’t know how to do it better, I guess the pretty limited potential of cars as protagonists was already overwrought with the first Cars movie. This one shouldn’t have been made.

Still, if you are the proud parent of a little shortlegged human, it will do great as a pacifier for the runtime.

Trespass Against Us PosterGet Out PosterSilence Poster


So, that’s it for today.

I have some more movies lined up for review. Movies I couldn’t watch in their entirety and must rewatch or movies I couldn’t make my mind up about. Or movies that left me so uninspired I just can’t muster the strength to think or write about them. But sooner or later I have to watch them and write my highly professional reviews about them. 🙂

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John Wick: Chapter 2 Poster

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    • Oh well, if there was emotion – and even lots thereof – in Dunkirk, then Mr. Nolan missed his own mark. His declared goal was to tell the story, just the story as it was, without any character development and personal involvement. All his chars were supposed to be just figures in the play, with only as much personality as needed to work in the context of the story. Closest to becoming emotional was the boat story; the airforce and beach story arcs were aiming at appearing as cold and anaemic as the waters of the British channel.

      And he did that quite well I guess.

      Liked by 1 person

      • He would have to have some emotion in it otherwise no one would care, the emotion he put through was fear. You could really feel the fear for these people that you had never seen in the film.


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