It’s so Fukin’ Easy!

Heyas all!

Look what Foneco and Willow just did:


Yes, they each sacrificed a splitsecond of their precious lifetimes to klicker the *Like button, as it is so conveniently placed underneath like every blog story in each and every WordPress blog. In exchange these two wonderful human beings are being rewarded with having their minimugs shown. Is cool, no?

You know, and I said it often enough, I’m not an overly social person and couldn’t give less fux about your personal likes and dislikes. Buuut since we’re incidently on this kinda social medium of weblogs, something that is purely about communication, why not giving kinda feedback in the form of clicking on *Like?

I do it all the time, in fact every time I read a blog. No, I don’t particularly love or even like most blogs … but as it looks like it’s the only way to show to the world and the blogger “Yep, look, I was here! I acknowledge  your existence, your labour and thoughts you put into your blogstory – even if it personally caused me to vomit uncontrolably – and I don’t appreciate your Trump propaganda. You dared to communicate your thoughts to billions of assholes, so here, have a *Like.”
Orca’s own Gravatar

And isn’t that a reward in itself? To leave your own small digital fingerprint in the history of forever, to leave your personal mark on the internet? For all eternity or sumfink? And if you don’t want that terrible anonymous symbol thing but show your own avatar’s friendly face, you can make it in a couple seconds with Gravatar.

I think it’s kinda groovy, baby. 😉



  1. I rather put my gravatar here ;D A Like button doesn’t share much insight into what the person actually liked and, or if it is just a clicking automaton 😉 It is more a quicky on the love scale and nothing remarkable.
    I rather like the comment section, as someone can more flesh out ones thoughts, and I prefer any comment over a Like.
    And in fact saying “Orca I always love your witty humor and really enjoyed reading that post, because your style just makes me chuckle.” is far mor enjoyable then …. uhm … *click* 😉

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    • Yes, you’re right.

      Here, have a *Like. LOLOLOL

      Mhm, it’s almost automatically that I click on like as soon as I see any comment. You could’ve written that Orca is the mostest stupidest avatar in the world and must lick her own pussy and I … would’ve clicked on *Like.
      Of course any comment is far better than a simple lazy Like. But they are looking cool and sexy in the post body, even for readers who refuse to read any comments.


      • Well I could always use them as nipple pasties ;D
        And writing a comment as you are suggesting .. oh well … probably not gonna happen … though I might give it a try at some unexpecting moment ;D
        I guess I am still too much Web 1.0 and can only pity all these people so heavily on their Web 2.0 drugs.
        WAKE UP ORCA! IT IS NOT TOO LATE! JUMP! JUMP TO FREEDOM! *get smashed of the rocks a an orca jumps over her slapping her with its tail*

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        • /me clicks *Like 🙂
          And hey … wasn’t me whacking you with her tail. You know I’m a freedom fighter and usually totally against all that social BS. Not a fukn millenial, ain’t I? That’s why I am having a blog, a good old boring blog, with text and photos instead of talkytalky and videos. And my readers are dear and near to me as I want us all to scramble under the leaky roof of this bloggo. Buncha web 1.0 oldbies slurping beer instead of champaign and are political instead of agitated.
          So guess I can proudly state I jumped to freedom already years ago with all that Linuxy stuff and things.


  2. And now you young people have witnessed how the cool cats of old interacted (and most likely still do. And when the clickediclick is the quicky of interaction, this ws the euqiovalent to “Me love you long time” and it didn’t hurt our time budgets that much, and was far more satisfying 😉
    Stay the way you are dear … heart and soul are in the right places ;D

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