Readers of Thar She Blows!

Here’s thinking about you hunkering down in your igloos, wearing your kittens and puppies as warm socks, spending the whole day in bed, drowning your sorrows in glühwein and feeling overall miserable. For that occasion I choose my desktop background of the month to be a snowy theme …

Nick original illustration from here.

A RL/comix photoshop I’ve found on reddit. Calvin and Hobbes are suited prefectly for the wintery scenery methinks. Quite cute, eh?

Summery greetings from a sweltering and dried out Cape Town.

The editrix

Orca xoxox



  1. I spent most of Saturday rereading a paper book (eeek) by the window in my home office while wearing a coat, sweat shirt, shirt, pants, long thick socks, and gloves. My desk top is of a erupting volcano with red hot lava. Makes me feel warmer as long as the battery lasts.

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        • You’re located in the U.S. of A., right? The most richest and powerfullest country on the planet, right? Not in some fukn African shithole, where people are living right next door to a nuclear power plant and still have to deal with irregular power outtages/load shedding, right? But those blackouts are politically/criminally motivated, there is no technological need for cutting the power.

          One line for 1,600 homes is irresponsible, to phrase it nicely. We now even get fibre internet in our complex of 113 homes, each house individually … and for each connected home to chose from any provider we wanna go with. That’s the free market.

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