Star Sailors League Finals

This week we had the finals of Star, with the 10 top ranked Sailors in Shields plus 15 invited top sailors. From the 25 boats in qualifying races (11 races from monday to Friday), 10 went to 1/4 finals, were the winner went to Finals. Followed by 1/2 finals, 6 boats were 3 top complete the fleet of final.

And finally the final race, wish a photo finish decision! Starting last leg, Goodison was 30m ahead of Scheidt, who was able to reduce the distance until crossing the line almost together the Brit. In fact a few meters before he were briefly ahead of Goodison.

Full replay of the races yesterday. All full of emotion 😉


  1. Almost 4 hours of canned live-stream. Now … well, it’s got to wait for my return. Have to get some van stuff done today and do the groceries … and only then will I find enough peace of mind to watch Starboat racing.
    But thx a bunch for researching and reporting about the Star World Cup, Lucy.

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      • Huahuahaaaaaahahhahaaa!!!! 🙂
        Guy 2 is right, you know? AC was never really about sailing but about the overblown egos of some multimillionaires. That’s why 99% of all races are decided in a court of law, not on the water.

        Of course Star is much nicer, it’s a traditional boat made for good sailors.


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