Hakubai Onsen

And again it was time for little Orcsi to clean up her act, her durty mind and her even durtier carcass. So a quick peek into the inworld search, type in “onsen” and check for one I haven’t been to yet. Today’s trip to the public bath house brought me to …

Hakubai Onsen – Adult Hot Spring.
This bathhouse is obviously Japanese owned: 白梅温泉
Relax in a Japanese onsen within waters good for the health! Got it?
The undressing area makes a good first impression as they offer three different towels for female bathers. Even for “Shy Persons”. 😉
That this onsen is geared at an adult clientéle becomes obvious already at the (couples enabled) showers. Fortunately I visit onsens in order to get clean, not dirty. So I make use of the only single option. Anyhoo, isn’t SL supposed to be an adult platform anyway? So whom are they trying to protect here? … and from what?
The pool area looks clean and comfy …
… but is unfortunately totally bereft of any cool sit targets and anims. The only one I found was also geared mainly towards couples … and refused to work at all. 😮 None of the anims did anything. 😦
I then proceeded and tried to find any anims in and around the pool. No luck. 😦
And the hot water spiget was also embarassingly bereft of any anims.
Hadn’t I used my own AO I couldn’t even sit at the poolside. That’s a very weakly outfitted onsen.

My conclusion about the Hakubai Adult Onsen can’t be a positive one.

No gokuraku here! 😮

Sorry, but not even some simple sit targets and anims in and around the pool area, doesn’t satisfy this avi’s playful nature, and the total lack of optical gimmicks (rubadukos, janitoring hippos, massage tables, cleansing anims in the shower area) and no relaxation area with a bar and some drinks made Hakubai probably the worst onsen I’ve been to so far. It gave the impression as if someone had started building an onsen but then gave up in the middle of the construction period. And that’s a friggin shame since it’s very well built and has a nice atmosphere.

PWS: Upon leaving the onsen’s parcel I noticed an outside bar situated next to the waterfall. I usually expect to find such things inside an onsen but ok …


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