VOR In-Port Race, 14:00h

… and how Orca saw it. 😦

“It leaks.”

Yes, mhm, you assume correctly, Orca was in trubbels. Now that the driveshaft is in perfect order it was time for the brakes to … brake. 😦 Good news: It’s not the brake cylinder but just a line that went leaky. Bad news: “Hey, I have an appointment at 2 o’clock down in the harbour …”

“Forgetaboutit! We have two other cars to fix before we can take care of yours. We can do a temp fix with tape, and you come back tomorrow morning, very early.”

Highly stressed staff is too busy to lay hands on my van.

Me looks at the clock and notices now it’s too late already to get down to the harbour in time. Still would’ve to figure out from where I’d have the bestest view and how to get there. It’ll be much too late by then.

So I take an adult decison: “Okeeeee … cya tomorrow.”

Guys, I am so, so sorry. No racing pics today. 😦

Maybe I can snap some shots of the start for the next leg …


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