The Last Forever

The Last Forever.

I can already hear a sigh of relieve from most of you guys, or maybe even a loudish \o/ YAY! \o/ … but sorry to disappoint you yet again; this bitch ain’t gonna stoppin’ that bloggin’ thang anytime soon. And The Last Forever ain’t about Orca’s state of mind or her giving up but it’s the name of a sim. A sim I visited after I saw photos of it on Loverdag’s photo blog.

The landing point.

Now is Ms. Loverdag a real artist with the camera, probably one of the bestest landscape photogs on the grid. Of course her photos make you wanna go to the places she photographed. And in the case of The Last Forever even more so. At least for me with my love of barren deserted non-landcapes. So after seeing Loverdag’s photos, next day I sure as hell went to The Last Forever myself in order to snoop around and snap some piccies. No, I’ll never come close to Loverdag’s artistry, even if I made many more photos than her. But then that wasn’t even my intention. I’m not competing with Loverdag here on an artistic level, I wanted to explore the place like a journo and make like “press photography”.

I hope you like it.

The Last Forever was inspired by and partly modelled after the RL Texas desert township of Marfa. These concrete rectangles are art objects existing in RL Marfa as well. It’s quite an interesting story of how Marfa became one of the world’s most artsy fartsy places without even trying.
I have no idea in how far The Last Forever is true to RL Marfa, and what is fantasy, but this camping ground/BLM land/boondocking space is really nice and awe-inspiring, just like the rest of the sim.
I can imagine how seasonal and camping workers would live in these caravans for the season.
Even most of the “resident’s” dwellings on The Last Forever are rather whimsical …
… and give the impression of bohemian artists living in them.
Doesn’t this look like the album cover of the next Orca and the Killerwhales CD? I tell you, just like RL Marfa, this sim awakens the creative spark in you.
Dunno why Americans are so in love with Volkswagen’s 1611 model. Okay, it’s heaps and bounds better than the fukn Beetle, but still old and busted. It fits in such an artistic town tho.
Welcome to the grid’s narrowest bookstore. It’s off course located in The Last Forever.
Right next door you can find an equally narrow eatery, the Marfa Takee Outee. ๐Ÿ˜‰
The grid’s mostest cutest commercial town center?
And here we have a tattoo studio with questionable hygienic standards. :/
In SL Ronnie’s Sex Shop is indeed a sex shop. In RL it is just a quirky pub in the South African Klein Karoo. Biker’s and tourists are coming there.
Gentrification hard at work: SL Marfa’s garage has been turned into a pub. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
Sorry, can’t help you there. No idea where your dog is. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
The Last Forever’s windlight setting is just the right side of non-realistic and transports the eerie desert feeling very well.
What to do in a small small town? Become a heavy drinker of course. Despite the miserable quality of Marfa’s drinking water, they have a craft beer brewery. At least in SL they do.
No shortage of watering holes in this sim. Too bad there are no sit targets in this build tho. :/
Old German saying: “You don’t wanna hang dead across a fence here.” I guess this is what it means. ๐Ÿ™‚
Marfas’s Fire Station is just a hollow faฤ‡ade. No problem. I guess if it burns somewhere in town the many resident artists would make pictures of the flames instead of fighting the fire anyway.
I guess this petrol station has as well been made into a pub or an art gallery. Cool. Just bad if you’re stranded here on an empty gas tank.
Not a pub but a very chic cafรจ.
Cute how the residents made the most cultural places …
… where one usually only expects tiny rundown farmhouses.
Art wherever you look. We know already that American desert dwellers love to park their cars in a vertically fashion but it’s still a spectacular sight.
This cow couldn’t give less fux about all the modern hippies and hipsters and their arts stuffz.
Weird how, in this backwater town, you find the most hip stores and shops …
… like for example this creators’ space.
Even Orca liked it and started blogging right away.
And this fake Prada store is also one of the many art projects one can see when visiting the real existing Marfa.
Contrary to the Prada forgery this Kraftwork store is a high quality store for whimsical and practical mesh items.

You know Orca doesn’t go out to visit sims very often. And when she does she’s often disappointed. But The Last Forever really got me. This is my sort of sim, my sort of town, my sort of landscaping. I browsed and sniffed around this sim very long, even logged in for a second visit. That’s why there were no blogs yesterday.

Marfa, TX/USA in Real Life.

But make no mistake, That Last Forever is a not just a pretty sim but a shopping mall. Fortunately the few shops are far and between (some are located in the sky) and very nice too. The sim owner, Nodnol Jameson only mentioned them in the description:

Owned by Nodnol Jamesom so as to imagine and create unique and fun items for your SL lifestyle. Whether homes, decorative, or furnishings you will find 100% custom mesh creations to fit every taste.


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