Brownies & Milk

Look what Orca made just yesterday:


Now that we have a real oven again, let’s do some bakery, right? Starting with my all-time favourite go-to, can’t fail piece de resistance.

Brownies. Not pownies and definately not shit on a shingle.

Moist and chewy brownies, the American type. It’s the bestest, and sooo bad for your diet but sooo good for your soul. Enjoy ’em with a huge glass of milk and you’re in heaven. 🙂



  1. When I see delicious looking brownies’, I can’t help but think of an episode of the TV show “The Orville.” Its sort of “Star Trek the Next Generation” with serious show themes but the characters are relaxed and humorous.

    When one of the characters was going to meet her ex mother in law she goes up to a food replicators and orders, “Cannabis edible.”

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    • Oh! No, I’ve never!!!
      Same as I know exactly from what Pirate Bay I can get the nicest download files of ripped Hollywood Blu-Rays. Only I myself would never!!! Ever …



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