1. AI is scary stuff. I see a day where AI is fuzed with Bio making enhanced humans living in complete augmented reality with their own personal AI codified to the individual, perhaps implanted on a micro chip into the brain where the persons human emotions and the AI intelligence meld into a single semi human where the poor or unenhanced humans will not be able to compete with these super humans. I mean imagine if even now someone had google glasses implimented onto an eye lens as a child, the could literally google everyhting and read it in their eye in seconds, never get a question wrong on any test etc etc, what chance does a normal human have in eduaction or the job market when this happens…not IF….WHEN.

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    • My greatest fear in your scenario is the implicitness with which you seem to bring Google into the image. Why Google? Are we already conditioned so badly?

      That’s really a dystopic world.


        • not to mention its the company that pays the most to programmers attracting the talent needed. I mean would you rather shlep code for 30 dollars an hour somewhere else or make a quarter million a year…for a Christmas bonus on top of your 200k a year salary? With that kind of pay, you are getting the absolute best programmers. They have already out done IBM’s Watson in the AI field, it is only a matter of time. I don’t have to like it but reality is, nobody else really has the financial resources or experience to compete in this area with the big G, thats the benefit for them being a gigantic megaloth I suppose.

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      • One more point..how many smart phones are there in peoples hands collecting data for Google? Can you even use an Android without signing in to Google? I suppose Micorsuck could catch up if they had some breakthrough that made people ditch their Android..I dont even see Apple as a contender because they outsell any single companies smart phone, they dont come anywhere near besting the sales of all the ANdroid phone companies combined.ALl of this data collected, a bit of algoritymic analsis and some cognative function…boom..nobody else has those resoources in the volume that Google does…again..we dont have to like it, but that’s where we are at in reality. Even the most die hard Linux people have an Android and STILL use Google.

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        • Ok, maybe – or probably – I’m the odd one out, having only a prepaid cellphone, which isn’t even a touchscreen smartypants phone … and not using Google apart from YouTube. I know they still get my data but as a consumer I’m the most boring ever. I preferably buy used second hand shit from private sellers and brick and mortar stores. I never order anything from Amazon or Bay, so what they know about me shouldn’t be too encouraging for Google and their advertisers.


          • One would think it would be worthless data in the micro cosm of our own existance, the fact is you still are one of the billions of batteries that powers their data collection facilities with some amount of data when gathered as a collective is quite valuable. This is especially more so important tho in our realities is minoot, your gps..it is telling them where your phone is as long as it is turned on, and google is collecting that data which can be used for taxing, marketing, spying, trending etc etc etc etc, all things that a collective AI would require from as many collection points as possible…which is every single person walking around with those devices..or something like it, ipads, kindles..all of it, the internet of THINGS is far more important to the data collection than your breathing patterns…its not that emotionally attached to you as you are of yourself I am sure. Nor most of us, which is how they got that foothold to begin with. Pandoras box is open.


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