First Things First!

What was I talking? Finetuning OrcNet’s new OS, making it pretty n shit? I call BS on that! Orca you dummes ding, what were you thinking? Don’t you know the first thing each and every one of your computers needs to have installed?

How about this here then?

A Second Life viewer. Ever heard of that?

Orca’s visible world ends after 64 meters.

Pretty bad, yes I know. Lowest graphics settings and still only 25 fps. 😮 Look at the stats and forget about happy frolicking in SL. But at least I’m in. Am in world, ready for chatting and sorting inv and deleting group notices. That’s all OrcNet needs to basically do during our short trips overseas: Giving Orca a chance to connect with the SL world.

Reflections on water surface? We don’t wanna get spoiled silly, do we?

Heck, it’s what like 90% of SL resis are doing anyway, so I’m not even particularly disabled or challenged compared to most others. Wouldn’t wanna go sailing or flying on 64 meters DD, or visiting a hectic disco club with many avatars and lightshow. But ain’t I a little too old for that shite anyway? I mean Orca is a mature avie, 21 y/o and going on 11 years in SL and *ahem* in RL, she don’t need to be the Dancing Queen no more.


One comment

  1. 11 years old and still in a standard AVI, tsk tsk. I love shopping way too much and since I have been using a mesh body for over 2 years now and picky about the fitmesh for IT, I couldnt go an hour in a standard body with painted and flexi clothes anymore. Its funny, I didnt really see the appeal of mesh for a long while but now that I been 100% mesh for so long, I cant even look at my avi in applier type clothing , flexi or the angular sharp edges and wierd planes on a standard avi without thinking WHY WHY WHY, its wierd that at the most adultest places you see the cheapest svis too…how does that make sense..Mesh looks so REAL!

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