Adventures in … Success! :)

Whoa, finally got it. Got it almost right. Only need some finetunings and then there will be a great future for OrcNet, running on Mate Revenge, the nifty ArchLinux distro. After I failed so badly yesterday, I was kinda ready to give up. If you know Orca a little bit you’ll know she’s not someone to create her own living environments, she’s more like a human chameleon, she changes colour, goes stealth and adapts. She doesn’t like that personality trait of herself but it’s deeply rooted in her and supported by her laziness. Relax and go with the flow. Not in politics, never in politics, but in nearly every other life situation.

That same mindset almost made her giving up on Linux and crawling back to Windows. If it wasn’t for constant nagging by hubby I guess I’d still be one of the billions of microserves, toiling away on Win10, not knowing how much better I could have it. Fortunately I got that kick in the face and got my shit together. Pheew. :/

Anyhoo, I digress. Where was we? Oh ya, Mate Revenge Linux. So after yesterday’s personal defeat I gave that system another try today. I know I had it installed once before and found it lovely. So I should be able to get it installed again, right? And yes, there is a little trick to get it right: If you ignore the standard installation as proposed by the welcome window that pops up as soon as Revenge boots into the live environment, you’ll find another installer icon … Calamares, hidden in plain sight, directly on the desktop. Mmmm, yesyesyes, we love Calamares. It’s the best Arch installer on the planet, as made by the Manjaro crew. So I went that route and low and behold … \o/ YAY! \o/ Ten minutes later I look at a freshly installed ArchLinux system. Reboot, holding my breath … \o/ FUK YEAH! \o/ Everything is cool and dandy.

Mate Revenge couple seconds after installation and doing some screenshots. Nice.

See, one doesn’t need to be a geek. Not even a nerd. One can be as lazy and stupid as fukn Orcs, the “dummes ding” as Sammie always calls me. One only needs a minimum of goodwill and a need to succeed.

The path to total success will be a bit stoney I fear. The initial update failed  a couple, times already, but if I read the detailed messages correctly I only need to apply some comand line kung fu in the almighty Linux Terminal, as my guruine taught me, and then it should go through without any further problems. Should … yeah. :/

Few minutes later the update process gives up. 😮

Well, as you might have guessed for yourself by now, OB Revenge and Mate Revenge, as cool as both of ’em can be, aren’t really beginners friendly distros. Absolutely not. Compared to these even Manjaro is a n00b Safe Space, a nanny state. But contrary to the almost n00bish Manjaro, Mate Revenge finally installed on my stupid Acer lappy, OrcNet. So I can’t speak highly enough of this cool distro. I guess it even runs a bit faster than Manjaro and delivers pure, unfiltered ArchLinux power. \o/ YAY! \o/

Mate Revenge just ten minutes ago. Minmally tuned to Orca’s liking but far from finished. Next thing to go will be the fugly bordeaux read wallpaper, and then I’ll need a better menu structure and, oh yes, finally get the initial update to run.

So, in conclusion I gotta say I’m pretty happy now. Guess I’ve just saved OrcNet’s life as a useful member of my computer carpool. =^.^=

Next project: Get Gaga on Mate Revenge as well. Must get away from Mint and back into geek territory. 😉 Will only keep this production machine on the brave and indestructible LinuxMint. Oh, and I won’t touch MiniMe since hubby is playing with Linux stuff on that thing too.



  1. I always heard Arch is the hardest distro to even install never mind use. Why dont you just use easier versions of linux, is Arch that fucking awesome compared to the rest that its worth the million headaches, the lack of drivers support, the complicated package management etc? I agree Linux can be easy, but not THAT distro.

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    • Thing is, Jackie, I’d never ever would install vanilla Arch on any of my machines. Unneccessary complicated shit. But with modern Arch-based distros like Manjaro and OB Revenge/Mate Revenge it’s become a breeze. If you remember a handful of command lines you can do the most insane shit with it and create a totally bespoken Linux just for you. And all that without turning into a geek. And once you found out how easy it is to switch even the very kernel version you won’t go back. After a while on Arch everything else feels like training wheels. 🙂

      But you’re right, you need a modicum of knowledge or at least Orca’s hapless optimism in order to become happy on Arch.


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