That’s How We Roll

As we’ve seen the porno continent of Zindra isn’t very friendly with Orca. 😦 Not only since recently but I could never ever finish a planned vehicle tour there. Not on bike, not in a van. And today when I was logged in on Zindra I could hardly walk or fly there, the lag was soooo fukn bad. A friggin’ shame since I’ve seen there seems to be a super nice and picturesque coastal road with wide and unspoiled beaches on Zindra’s east coast.

Well, too bad, let’s go elsewhere …

For example to Sansara.

“What,” I hear you ask, “isn’t Sansara like super old? You surely must have ridden and driven and walked all available Linden routes there in your 10+ years in SL.” Yes, and no, dear readers. Yes, Sansara is, as we all know, the original Second Life, it’s the place where it all started. It’s still SL’s most exciting and versatile continent with the richest terraforming. And no, there are indeed some corners and some roads I haven’t traveled yet.

Lemme show you how we roll into unknown territory:

I meet with my youngest and most spunky altsister Phree Radikal on the crossroads in famous Mowry, were I often start my roadtrips.
“Ready hun?” “Ready when you are.” “Ok, let’s roll!!!” And that’s how we roll. 😉 Eastwards ho!
A picture puzzle: Try to locate the camper in this photo.
After a while we cross the East River in Seascale sim and enter the eastern coastal region of Sansara’s mainland.
The East River mouth is a delta of a multitude of small arms and little islands, stretched across various sims, so in Borrowdale we cross another sidestream of the mighty river. This attention to detailed terraforming went missing in more modern continents.
These are very old and rich parts of the grid. If you can find any parcels for sale they are most probably too expensive for you and me. But this is a free grid, so we can at least drive here, no? LOL
I really love this area on the fringes of Sansara. Know it all from sailing but this is actually the first time we’re rolling here.
A bit further down the road we find one of the many workshops of LDPW ex-boss-mole Michael Linden. This parcel is called “Varnish” and is obviously  a warehouse for all the paints the moles need for their pretty and useful builds. Silly? Yes, but very very cute. 😉
One more bridge across the mile-wide East River. Jeez, how many more are there? I’m even too lazy to make a LM. But the terraforming and landscaping is pretty awesome for such an old continent.
Contrary to some of the super fugly builds in the more central parts of Sansara, the landscaping is lush and we only see nice houses. This is really an awesome area, inhabitated by responsible residents.
Of course, sim borders are not always co-operative. I’ll show you later why that is.
Hidden mansions behind a natural curtain of trees. Kinda super realistic, no?
And then we reach the Dead End of the Linden Route and I nervously catapult myself out of the van. 😮 When I return I can’t see it. Phree seems to sit in the air. I find an invisible sit target where my driver’s seat is supposed to be and together we’re waiting for the van to materialize around us. Around me I must say. On Phree’s monitor everything is hunky dory and beautiful.
Phree even jumps out of the van for a selfie. As long as one of us stays seated the van won’t fall prey to SL’s autoreturn. Clever, eh?
That how we lag: Orca and Phree aren’t just sharing one connection, I run them on two separate PCs. That takes probably more bandwith than running both in turns on the same PC. I imagine only one of them would be active at a time, while the other isn’t even using her own screen. While with this setup I can move them both at the same time, so it must use more bandwith. Stupid theory? Please, let me know.





    • Oh Foneco, I always go alone and still always crash on Zindra. In fact I only recently started taking one of my siblings with me, actually only since I have that VW bus. And mostly my sisters are flying out as scouts, while I stay back and watch the van. 😉

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