More Mis-Adventures. :(

And you thought Orca was some kinda Linux guru, some know-it-all IT expert or sumfink, right? Well, too bad.

Anyhoo, installation of MateRevenge started nice … anyway much better than SwagArch’s attempt.

Installation was a breeze, as indicated by the no fuzz acceptance of my wifi password. So at least Revenge’s installer seems to acknowledge my fukn Acer lappy keyboard. Cool beans.

Yes, after answering the usual kwestshons, as we know them from Windows and Apple installs already; Who the fuk are you, what name you’re going by, ever been member of the communist party, paid your taxes on time?; the rest of the install goes automatically and fast, and before you know there’s a box coming up: Finished! Reboot now?

Of course I rebooted. I always do after the installation. Because that’s how we roll, because that’s what everybody does, what need to be done for your system to to end the gestation process and enter its adult life.

But then …

OMfG! How often have I seen this message popping up instead of the fresh desktop environment? Too often lately. 😦

Well, this ain’t the end of all days. Orca knows some trick or the other to whip the renitent Acer into submission. I will have OB Mate installed on OrcNet before the sun sets tonight.

Shooting Foot
Acer’s typical customer.

But … this was definately my last Acer machine! No matter if lap- or desktop. These cheap as shit bargain basement computers aren’t worthy of wasting my time on them.

But for now I need to have one of my traditional day-time naps. Laterz, kidz.


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