Mis-Adventures in ArchLinux

Oh, what now, dumdum Orcs?

You surely remember how positively I was surprised by Swag Arch, right? I mean, it’s hard to forget such a nifty Linux distro. And since I was deperately searching for a new distro to rock on my awfully bad OrcNet, the Acer Netbook. Manjaro refuses to install on that super bad machine, and Mint doesn’t run but crawl. It’s terrible. So without further ado I tried Swag again.

Cool, they just published a new version on 1st December, so it’s so new it still smells of fresh pixels. What could be more fancy? Heyyyy, here we gooooo…

Mhm, looks familiar. Let’s install this shit …
Calamares, my favourite installer. Swag got it from Manjaro, very wise.
Xfce? Not my fave desktop but better than most and nice lightweight and fast and stupidly easy to use.

Ok, so far everything was unicorns and rainbows, very very nice. I had a good feeling about this.

But then, oy vey! 😮

The system refuses to accept OrcNet’s keyboard, eventhough I specifically set it up. Only with lots of trickery and timewastery can I even type in my name, or any other peculiars. Apart from that the installation process goes super quick and totally painfree.

I chose a wallpaper that matches my mindset. 😦

But even after the installation the keyboard is like totally stupid. I can’t work like that. And some other small stuff doesn’t work neither, desktop settings are all wrong n shit. No, I really can’t and won’t work with such a crappy system.

Then the preinstalled softwares are only a few … and weird ones to boot. I want the Thunderbird email program not some badly cobbled together other shit. Dammit. And where is Libre Office? Just because most of us spend like 99% of our computing time online, doesn’t mean we won’t ever need a real office suite, do we? How are we supposed to write The Novel of the 21st Century? On Google office apps … and store it in the cloud? Fuk NOOOOO…!

I mean instaling the Libre Office writer module takes only seconds in Arch, but why isn’t it installed as standard, ffs?

Looks nice, is crappola. 😦

Bitterly disappointed I give up for today.

Plan for tomorrow: MateRevenge. I really wanna have some ArchLinux on my fukn minilappy. :/ And I just remembered I liked Revenge much better than Swag anyway. Cool. 🙂

And for now we’ve gotta binge on more You, Me and the Apocalypse.



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