That’s How I Roll!

Or let’s rather say that’s not how I roll but that’s how I get rolled. 😦

But let’s start at the beginning of this short, sad tale. Today I felt like rolling in my Volkswagen camper. Bit of scouting maybe, finding a nice boondocking spot, making a nice travel report. You now, just like in old times.

Buuuuuut then …

In the beginning everything was as normal, when I dropped Orca on Zindra continent at what looked like a rez zone in the worldmap. Of course it was perfect and looked exactly like a rez zone but wasn’t one. 😦 Did the responsible mole forget about making his road usable?
After a lot of running and flying around I find this vehicle yard that lets me rez my camper! \o/
I’ve totally forgotten how nice Zindra really is. It’s not all just whorehouses and strip clubs but at first I’m rolling thru some rather nice suburban area with lots of greenery.
They even have art galleries here. Shock! 😮
But then … yes, you waited for this, right? But then, after having had trubbels already at the first sim crossing, the second sends me flying and crashing into the ground, while being hurtled around the neighbourhood. After some minutes it stops and I find myself stranded besides my van. Of course autoreturn kicks right in, and I have a concussion and can’t move anymore. :.(

So, I dunno how often I’ve tried to explore the continent of Zindra by bike or other means. But I know I always failed. Sim crossings on Zindra are 100 times more dangerous than on any other continent.  Today I thought why not doing it with the camper. So when I crash somewhere or the roads become too laggy, at least I have my “house” with me and can sleep it out. But no, the cruel fate had other plans with me. :.(

Not at all the cool story I had in mind but I hope you’ll have mercy with me for such a bad story about personal failure.

Thank you all.



  1. I usual drive in zindra bikes, but sometimes i do even try cars, the main issue is that all the crossroads are also the borders of adjacent regions so one should never try to do a crossroad while turning or while the red lights are up. Sailing there is much better btw.

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    • Yes, sailing on Zindra was really nice. Not much traffic and not many script polluters on Zindra’s waterways. But I had never much luck on Zindra’s roads, no matter what kind of vehicle I tried.

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