Apocalypse Now! :)

You surely do remember Turdy and his very short carreer as a movie star, don’t you? So, back then they were filming for a British TV series with the working title Apocalypse Slough. And when I came home that day from the most stressful shooting ever (lol, as if), I immediately browsed through IMDb in the vague hope to find some more information on this series. But my frantic research got no results and over time I completely forgot about it.

Until two days ago, when I looked again and found this:

Yes, that really is Rob Lowe!

Needless to say say that not even one hour later we were in possession of this briliant peace of precious telewishen culture. And what can I say? It’s splendid entertainment that grabs you by the balls or pussy and won’t let you go. No, really. It’s campy, it’s stupid, it’s cliché, it’s overly dramatic, it’s just great!

For me it fails as a LOL comedy but it’s very engaging and once you’ve started watching you won’t be able to stop.

Even with Turdy being replaced by some other car this series is really all one can hope for as a quick fix and for a formidable night of bingewatching. Get you popcorn and the beers ready! And enjoy the apocalypse. 🙂


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