RL Camera

Hej Fraggles. πŸ™‚

Sometimes it’s nifty and useful that I always (like in all the time and everywhere) carry my camera with me. What each and everyone of us takes as granted in SL takes a bit more effort in RL. Not only do you need to have a pocket or bag to carry your cam (or, ok, smartphone) around with you, you also gotta make sure there’s enough power in the battery and ample available space on your SD card. Still I carry my little Canon with me wherever I go. And look what I snapped “by the wayside” in the last two days:

At the local mall: National giant retail chain Incredible Corruption closes their store, while provincial ComputerMania seems to prosper. Can you guess why? *


Not quite Hollywood but Cape Town’s movie industry is doing very well. You won’t believe how many international productions are filming here.
“FOLLOW US TO coffee pASSion!” How about “Nope!”?
  • Incredible Connection doesn’t carry the moniker Incredible Corruption for no reason. When you enter any of their stores you gotta fend off 3 to 4 eager sales clerks, who not only have no clue about computers but can only sell you a very very limited range of grotesquely overpriced poducts. At ComputerMania they also have too many people, but they are busy at their places behind the counter and wait for you to approach them with questions or whatever. Also they have much more products for better prices. I’m obviously not the only customer who prefers the quasi European style much over the American pressure selling approach.

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