And Even More Linux Mint 18.3

Tom sees it how it is in his latest video. Kinda he’s not using Mint to show how geeky he can be but because he’s got work to do. And the boring, ungeeky Mint let’s him do his job. Period.

Needless to tell you that your editrix runs Mint 18.3 as well. Yes, coz of hardware trubbelz and coz she couldn’t care less about her status as a bonafide girlgeek. Actually I gotta say Mint is the mostest smoothest operator I’ve ever encountered or had installed on any of my ‘puters. It’s so carefree, safe and secure and just a fukn joy to work with. Really. And I don’t even lie.

Tom shows his Linux Mint 18.3 on my Linux Mint 18.3. Is that meta or what?


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