Linux Mint … again?

On #1 since years.

Yes, again!

Why is that stupid blogger always promoting this Linux distro when it’s on #1 spot on DistroWatch anyway? Because … for exactly that reason, ladies and boys. Just to rub it in, to make it absolutely clear what a neat OS Linux Mint is. Listen to our rambly Welsh friend Chris waxing on about this nifty distro:

Particularly interesting for beginners: No problems installing, BluTooth worx right outta the box … and it’s secure and stable as can be.

Chris, same as Orca, is using the MATE desktop environment but we disregard that for now. For you and me and for all housewifes and beginners MATE makes no big difference from Mint’s regular Cinnamon desktop environment. Which means they appear and operate nearly identical despite differences under the hood. Who cares? Pfff …

Easily grab your Minty goodness from here.

Oh, wait a moment. Didn’t Orca just hint on running Mint Mate herself?

Yep. Hardware trubbels on MiniMax won’t let me install and run my favourite Manjaro Linux right now and I’ve found out that Mint is a more than capable replacement. And not only that, in my eyes it’s the perfect distro for starting anybody’s and your Linux carreer with.

Just ask your fellow blogreader Ladyjaqueline how Mint ‘s treated her so far. She’s far more geeky than Orca so she’ll give it to you straight.

As I now really said often enuff, people, in the long run Linux will take over the computing world. Not only the world of supercomputers and servers but the desktop and smartphone world as well. In the forseeable future Microsoft and Apple will only exist in a small enclave on the North-American continent while the whole world will compute on Linux. Mark my words! And better join us, join the light side, join the Jedi knights now. πŸ™‚

It’s for your own best. And you know you want it!



  1. Which reminds me, I should update my Minttop that runs with XFCE some time. While I would love to see you scenario becoming true, I think there is on big stumbling stone in the way on the desktop side. What keep MS afloat there is their DirectX dominance, and until that is not broken, I do not see Linux on everyone’s desktops. Break the Gaming dominance of MS and you will see desktops tumbling in no time.
    Serverwise we are almost done, and the Applefancrowd will have to be converted using fire and sword *laughs* as you cannot convince them in any other way ;D

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    • True about the Applecrowd, Silky. But they are the least of my concern, they are on an openBSD system anyway which makes them a quasi Linuxy subculture. And they are only a steadily and quickly shrinking handful. Plus they are already in their majority an American phenomenon.

      Oh yes, shit, I forgot all the gamers and their market power. A shame these people are only interested in gaming. They don’t care about politics and civil rights and freedom … and many of them are even clinging on to those stupid consoles. And that even though Steam alone has a greater Linux games library than all 3 console manufacturers have games put together. So I choose not to count the gamers as serious computer users and will just ignore them. So, basta!

      (Note SL ain’t a game by any definition!).

      Uh, what is DirectX please? I read the term very often and know it’s got something to do with graphics. That’s a pure technical thing, right? Boring and shouldn’t be of any concern when chosing my OS!


      • “update my Minttop”
        Minttop sounds spectacularly interesting, Silky. Please tell me and your fellow readers more about that. And as always in these cases: Photos or it didn’t happen!
        LOL =^.^=


  2. DirectX is the key that offers MS such a tight grip on Gamers. Most Tripple A titles these days still rely on DirectX as 3D graphics rendering engine instead of Direct 3D.
    Wine and derivates cannot run DirectX at full capacity so there is no getting rid of that needle easily without large compromise.
    So as long as this dominance is established (and sells lots of expensive hardware), nothing is gonna happen, and even with the impressive changes in the Linux Gaming department … it is still at an infant stage.

    Well the Minttop is probably sounding more exciting then it actually is πŸ˜‰ It is my trusty old Toshiba Laptop which I have set up as my Linux Playfield with currently Mint 17.3 and XFCE as Windowmanager, mostly for convenience reasons, as I value stability above the bleeding edge, but thats personal taste πŸ˜‰

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    • “large compromise.”

      Large compromise for gamers you mean? Ok, who cares about that shit. My friend Lezbo Charisma just confirmed that Intel graphics are even good enough to play in SL for a while. She was just crossing her 43rd sim border while we talked. πŸ˜‰ All I dare to do on Intel graphics is standing around and chatting.

      If the gamer kiddies wanna pay the high prices as been caused by DirectX it’s their problem isn’t it? LOL

      And … \o/ YAY! \o/ your Minttop is exactly what I have in mind and what I recommend for anybody new to Linux. I’m sooo fukn proud of you!!! xoxoxoxo
      Buuuut why Mint17.3? Mint isn’t and will never be anywhere close to the bleeding edge. Even Ubuntu is more bleeding edge than Mint ffs. So no fear when upgading to 18.3. It’s as stable as generations before it already were. And Xfce is not a window manager but a full-fledged desktop environment. Many distros even use it as their main DE. Manjaro for example. And again I can calm you down; Mate isn’t any slower than Xfce, but lots more comfy and usuable.


      • Well SL works like a charm on Linux … never been a problem πŸ˜‰ But all those shooter-/online-/whatever gaming stuff has large deficits still (you know that millionmongering business). And that not like minor inconvenience, but more like 20 years ago looking πŸ˜‰
        I am still on 17.3 because I haven’t been using it much lately and have been ill the past weeks. So that 18.3 is about to come for sure. With bleeding edge I meant that rolling realease archtype approach πŸ˜‰
        And I have tried both mate, and cinnamon, even had my looks at KDE and Enlightenment … XFCE suits me best, simple and clean, mostly flat … just how I like it best πŸ˜‰

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        • Mhm, clean and simple is best, I agree. KDE … dunno why I don’t like it. It’s probably the best environment for Linux and my hubby is a total fan. But somehow it’s too compicated for my simple taste, there’s too many ways to get things done.

          And rolling releases are half as bad. If you go with Manjaro for example and chose a stable distro you can be pretty sure that all packages are already tested and cleaned before the update hits your personal rig. They are sometimes like 2 weeks behind Arch’s upstream. So it’s reasonably safe.


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