HP are Meaniepoofaces! :o

Don’t believe it? You better do, coz it’s true:

Spyware everywhere! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Do they think their customers are stupid and won’t notice?

Yes. And they are correct in that assumption. As long as there are still enough sheeples using HP’s preinstalled Windows, they’ll get away with their highly illegal (IMHO) practises.

Same or similar thing as with Lenovo applies here with HP. It’s a shame, really, since they made some good quality hardware. Not entirely on par with Lenovo’s ThinkPad and ThinkCentre product lines but all around nice stuff. As you’ve read in the article it’s not entirely clear if the telemetry program is hidden in a Windows update or HP’s Support Assistant, so the remedy for the situation should be clear for everybody now. No?

Ok, here we go: Delete all the fukn HP and MSย  software and all its remnants from your HP computer! Then go and format the harddrive at least three times while praying the good old mantra Om Mani Padme Hum There Is No Place Like Home! There Is No Place Like Home! There Is No Place Like Home!

And then in step 2 you install Linux! Poblem solved, once and for all!



  1. LOL, I think you and I have completely different ideas to what constitutes good hardware, big box brands cut every corner they have to cut from using horrible mosfets and capacitors, proprietery power supplies made of tin, green flimsy motherboards, the cheapest RAM they can find etc etc. I never recommend ANYONE EVER buy a big box brand computer when you can build one with brand name quality parts for much less and have no bloatware or none of that crapware.

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    • “There is no money in hardware” is what the owner of a supplier told me in ca. 2003. That was 5 years after I had left my company and went int early retirement. They were a medium sized Compaq dealer and workshop and the company I worked for were their last big client. Of course they have to cut corners but we’re not talking about gamer desktops do we? I guess in office machines and laptops is still some money to be made since they mostly just use readymade ingredients. Not much of own engineering in these things.

      And as far as laptops go, HP was traditionally one of the good guys, with spring-mounted HDDs and well done keyboards a human being could type on, and non-squeaking chassis. Aaaaand sorry, when we got 120 new desktops for our main office, I ordered them from said Compaq dealership and didn’t assemble them myself. Geeze no. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ BTW, the situation was different back then, particularly on the professional office market. A 90 watt psu was good enough, there were no specialized gaming machines and stuff. The mobo was most uninteresting and had no reason to ever break.


  2. As an electronic geek, I have to tell you I look inside all the big box brands and not one of them, even the supposedly high end ones have a power supply in them that doesnt look scary and make me wonder how they dont just burst into flames the first time they get plugged in and turned on.

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    • When I look into my two mini Lenovos, they appear to be particularly well-made. I cannot speak for the quality of every single capacitor but even my hardware repair lesbian – a woman frustrated with today’s hardware – had nothing but positive things to say about them. And quite contrary to my self-built super computer (LOL; as if) the Lenovos never need TLC … and they accept every crappy Linux distro I throw at them. My self-assembled MiniMax SL playing machine becomes a right bitch from time to time; right now it refuses to work with any Arch distro and I’m running Mint 18.3.


      • We have sort of had this discussion before. Your MSI board is super low end entry level and even that is better than the green PCB boards found in OEM computers such as Dell, HP, Lenovo and such. I have someones fairly new HP sitting here with a blown power supply Mosfet..it literally caught on fire, not that you would be able to tell without cutting it apart to see what went wrong. It is from some company called Bestemax (wtf is that? Its not 80+ rated AT ALL never mind Gold or Platinum). Here is the real bitch tho, it is a proprietery size, which means the only option if you want to keep this hunk of crap is order an OEM PSU from HP..the same crap..why on earth would I want to do that for 55 dollars when a 35 Dollar EVGA Gold rated supply is ten times better? That’s how they get ya!

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        • Yes, you’re absolutely right about proprietary stuff. That’s the reason why I would never buy a prefabricated desktop computer … a regular sized tower that is. I made an exception with my tiny Lennies. But they have external powerbricks and kinda irregular mobos. I don’t know what that form factor is called.

          Oh, and MiniMax’s mobo ain’t some MSI dreck but Gigabyte quality. ๐Ÿ™‚
          Didn’t help tho. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

          And the PSU is by Corsair. Not the best one but as you said already it’s 10,000 times better than any of those really creepy proprietary ones. At least it’s 750W 80+ some metal … lol.
          I also know that most of the really good PSUs are made by Seasonic, and the companies are just sticking their logos onto them. So you can’t do much wrong as long as you assemble the PC yourself.


            • /me browses frantically thru her desk drawer, searching for the packing slip …

              … aaaw, there! It is a … wait …

              /me takes glasses off for to see more gooderer

              … it’s a Gigabyte H97N Wifi Haswell Mini ITX. I know it was a couple hunded rand cheaperer than the other MITX board they had. That’s why I chose it … and it was obviously a mistake. :.(


              • Well I should say Z is top tier for their consumer grade platforms on all Intel boards X would be their actual enthusiast. What I typically do is get a lower end Z series because they just are more stable in general, no Im not paying 500 dollars for all the gameresque bullshit on top of that but in general Z series boards are better at power delivery, get more support, better Bios and use all Japanese capacitors and mosfets etc.I am pretty fond of the Asus Prime boards, they usually have the better power delivery system with more power phases and better cooling than the other entry level z series boards at that price point. I dont need a board that is going to squeeze every last mhz out of an overclock but just the fact that they are quite capable of stable overclocks is important even when not overclocking..it means clean power delivery to the cpu and that is important for stability. That is kinda why I made the comments I did when you ranted about the “gamer” expensive boards..there really is a difference when it comes to that kind of stuff in the build quality ..to a point..then your start paying a ton extra for looks and RGB and other nonesense..but as you learned there is a vast difference in durability between a h series and a z series board hence the additional cost. But on the subject of this post..OEM boards would need a lot of work to even be considered H boards, and that goes for all manufacturers. If I look inside a case and I see a green PCB…I just walk away.


        • I agree with you most of the better PSU brands are rebadged Seasonic or Super Flower, however it is important to realize that even Seasonic has some shit power supplies on the lower end (OEM) typically you can get a pretty clear idea of the quality based on its 80+ efficiency rating. If it has no rating..its garbage, if its white its lower end, I typically don’t buy a PSU without at least a Gold Rating and although that sounds harshish you can get a Gold rated quality power supply for around 30 bucks for a 500w which is plenty for the general consumer with a single graphics card. It might have ugly yellow and red cables and shit be non modular etc but thats what you get on those lower end power supplies…my theory is get the most expensive PSU you can find and afford that delivers the wattage you require (which is often less than most assume) because a GOOD Power supply will last 10-15 years and several builds and a bad one could fry everything else. I think platinum rating is not something that is going to save someone on their power bill much however that 10 year warranty is very telling of what you are actually paying for..and I dont know about you..I would rather pay a bit extra now when building than have to replace it and possibly other expensive stuff in my system if shit goes badly…and that would be luck because if it goes really badly…houses that burn down are quite a cost to save a few bucks on a shoddy component.


  3. Then I get the family member who is like why does my system blue screen all the time? Well you see there on that board there, that is called a mother board, you see those tiny tiny little blue caps right there? Yeah thats your SHIT power delivery system using the absolute cheapest 3 cent item that could be produced and when your other shitty thing there known as your power supply delivers power in a frequency that looks more like a heartbeat than a straight line and those little puppies heat up…they blue screen your maching before it explodes…so yeah just keep rebooting it til it does…then dont buy one them again..kapiche?

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    • Mhm, sounds like you’ve been made the family’s designated driver who’s doomed to eternal soberness while all the others are partying. Sometimes they party too hard.

      Just having something similar with a friend of a friend back home in Hamburg. It’s the gaming lappy of their teenage son. They’ve got some crappy HP Pavilion that always installs the wrong graphics driver each and every time after a Win 10 update. How could HP not have thought of that shit? Anyway, now it seems that thing is broken down for good and we hope they’ve learned their lesson.


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