More Azulle Byte 3

Now the YouTube Channel Tech of Tomorrow has reviewed that nice little compi as well. Check it out:

Why am I pushing this computer so hard?

Because I really think it’s a nifty machine, a nice everyday office warrior and – much more important – perfect for making your first steps in the wonderful world of Linux. C’mon, you know you can’t procrastinate much longer, any time soon now you’ll just have to make the switcheroo from your proprietary closed system to Open Source and Linux. And the miniscule Azulle is a nice training ground.

Remember when I went gompletely Gaga and got myself one of those micromini PCs? Ya, still no regrets about it. Okay, mine is a bit more powerfullerer than the Azulle and I can even log inworld SL with it, but I usually never do that. I just use it to test Linux distros without any risk and without touching and endangering my good production machine. It’s all sorts of perfect. πŸ™‚

Gaga on top of MiniMe.


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