White Cliffs

The White Cliffs of Dover are white and in LEA14.

There are many white cliffs on this planet of ours; I guess every country worth its salt has some of those spooky but elegant suckers. And The White Cliffs of Dover are even on exhibition in SL. In LEA 14 to be more exact. Amanda Magick showed them in her blog. And today I was there … and I was far less impressed:

And that’s it more or less. A very nice peace of SL landscaping, not much else.

There are some positive points speaking for this “art” installation, but also some negatives. First we gotta ask if the recreation of a natural rock formation can be counted as art.

This lighthouse isn’t really there. It’s one of those off-sim phantom builds you can’t get to or interact with.

I mean the cliffs are very nicely done, and the only slightly altered from standard noon SL light windlight setting does give the whole setup a very natural but plain look. I’d wished for some rain clouds or something northerly.

The WW2 plane makes a nice backdrop for potraits and fashion shots …

And the sparseness of the area around the cliffs is met perfectly by Tahiti Rae. But that leads to the first negative aspect I got to mention: Sorry to say, the whole setup is very uninspired and bored me to tears. Two little buildings by the lighthouse and one WW2 fighter plane isn’t enough to look at and engage with for any length of time.

… but you must take care of not getting out of the photo wallpaper’s area. It’s tricky.

See, in RL I love those landscapes and can get lost in the dunes and fields and beaches for hours on end. But in RL we have the crisp sea wind, the salty air, the rich atmosphere. And we take home the sunburned prickly skin and a healthy appetite for something with potatoes and mountains of meat. All these things just can’t be replicated in SL. So I left this huge build after five minutes. As soon as I had my photos done I was also done with the place.

The scooter from Quadrophenia‘s famous last scene was a good idea. Very iconic n shit. Buuut in the movie it was pushed off some cliffs near Brighton, not Dover. And see how again the photo wallpaper doesn’t allow us to use dramatic camera angles?

And now my biggest complaint: As you can see in photos #3 and #6 we’re in front of a big photo backdrop. That limits our usable camera and viewing angles if we don’t wanna destroy the illusion. That’s bad.

Nevertheless if you’re about to snap some nice portraits for your profile or need to do some fashion shots, this is a good location. Although the question remains: Is it art?



  1. It might help you to read at the landing point and actually see alllllllll of it like the town of Dover which you completely missed. Also I think you totally missed the point entirely and then pretty much trashed the whole build in your blog. I can respect all opinions except when they are in fact ill informed and lazy. I have many blogs on the White Cliffs of Dover. If you read these you might have better information to actually write a blog. This build has been in the Destination Guides Editors Picks, featured in the LEA Blog, and been in a Designing Worlds video. HAPPY BLOGGING ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Hi Amanda, thx for stopping by and your well-informed opinion.
      Buuut … it’s gotta be noted as a further negative point if a visitor to the White Cliffs of Dover exhibit has got to read some info stuff first before enjoying the exhibit. And watching videos? And checking Designing Worlds? And reading all those blogs?
      That’s a clear and simple NO! right there. Reading instructions first to make the occlusion go away and give me a view of Dover itself? That’s another Nono! When artists feel the need to explain their pieces, to quasi interpret them for the consumer … that’s a KO for the artpiece.
      In my opinion art’s gotta speak for itself, as an universal language it doesn’t depend on the consumer’s ability to read English texts. At least it shouldn’t do. For when it does the artists are showing social incompetence on a troubling level.


        • Sorry, I’m not English and have no idea what guffaws even means. And the Lindens … well, who cares what they think or like or do anyway? They are the people who sell us overpriced server space, without ever having learned what their product, SL, even means. They still, after 13 years, don’t get it. But, yes, I do expect them to visit their LEA sims regularly. They are the curators afterall, aren’t they?

          But thx for letting me have my own opinion, which is correct by the way. As a literature and movie critic I should know what I like or don’t like, and why.

          About interpreting: I didn’t find anything to interprete at the White Cliffs, I just liked the windblown ruggedness and scarcity of the landscape. And I guess that’s what it is: Just an example of very well done landscaping. As that it can stand on its own legs.

          The jury is still out on the art question. And to make a final judgement on that, one shouldn’t read any other blogs, or watch vidos or get influenced by any other opinions coz these things only compromise us. Once I made up my mind, and have published my blog I can go and read up on the subject and find out if others thought the same as I did or if there are any differences. Only in the case of White Cliffs I didn’t find the subject worthwile enough to invest any more time in it.

          I went there, kinda liked what I saw, and left again. And that’s that.

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            • I honestly don’t understand what you find so LMAO about your or my opinion, Amanda, and you seem to be overwhelmed or too blasรฉ to communicate your POV clearly. So, yes, you got nothing, same as I got nothing from the White Cliffs but some beauty landscaping.
              ‘Art is in the eye of the beholder’ they say. But what defines art? Is White Cliffs even an art piece? That’s the question I’m most concerned with. As long as you can’t answer that neither, why should I invest more time into the subject?


                • Huh? Well .. wait …
                  “keep on talking”? “insulting”?
                  And what about my photo/blogging skills?

                  Can you please elaborate on these points? I always thought if I want to insult someone, I’d make sure to insult them properly, or at least so that I know of the insult.
                  But I neither tried nor actually did insult anyone. Don’t you dare to ever mistake my bluntness for insults.

                  I feel quite the opposite coming from you. You appear rather aggressive for no reason. Why are you so upset about a fellow blogger writing her honest opinion about a LEA sim? A sim I rather liked. Other LEA sims got far worse ratings from me. I remember I was mostly disappointed on the rare occasions when I went and wasted my time thereabouts.

                  And my photo skills are good enough for blogging/illustration purposes. This ain’t a fashion or art blog but general purpose and entertainment. So my photography is press-style, unmodified, not beauty or art or anything pretentious. Just pure info.

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                  • “Just remember that what you put out there comes back to you.”

                    Oh yes, I hope so! Since I’m having a blog I expect much feedback from the readers, I thrive on it. I guess a healthy exchange of opinions is essential for a blog, for any blog. For example our discusson here, it’s the stuff I started this blog for. And by now I guess I’m having a rather lively, almost forum-like comment section on some of my blogstories.


  2. Greetings Orca and Amanda ๐Ÿ™‚ I am the creator of this build and thought I’d toss a few words in. First, thank you both for your interest in the White Cliffs of Dover. Amanda is my official blogger for this and other builds and she’s an amazing writer! This is not a piece of art, but an entire world built to represent the emotion and hope in the eye of adversity and beauty of a place with thousands of years of history. It’s an environment, an experience and I build emotion. And you’re right, an artist shouldn’t have to explain their build, but at the landing point, there is a single sentence on the wall (really big) that explains the entire purpose of the build, a quote from the White Cliffs song. I also feature Vera Lynn, who sang a beloved version of it for the troops and the rest of the world, and I show through the videos in Dover Hall how she’s passing her torch on to vocalist Hayley Westenra – a really important and unselfish endeavor! I set up my builds with a landing point in the sky for a reason – many times certain avatars will teleport into the sim and just stand at that point for hours, or have other nefarious purposes, so I force the starting point up there so others can enjoy the meat of the sim without loiterers in the scene. Orca, I’m wondering since you missed most of the build, whether you just flew onto the sim as opposed to taking the advertised LM in the LEA blog or the telerport in my profile. There’s a huge welcome area with a few tiny signs for navigation assistance. In case you just flew in, there’s also two cows on the Dover level and at the cliffs (in the barn) where you can TP to all places.

    I’d like to also clarify that the LEA SIMS are owned by the individual folks on the LEA committee, who generously donate their virtual land (and time) to promote artists in SL to enrich the community and give people a chance to create for others, when they otherwise may not be able to. The Lindens do own the servers, of course, and do visit the LEA SIMs.

    Thirdly, I’d also like to clarify a few other things. The SIMS are in groups of four and yes, there must be a backdrop to prevent the worlds from running together, but this is an accepted fallacy of virtual worlds as they are. I really needed 8 or 10 SIMS go give the true feeling of how the cliffs would feel but that wasn’t possible and I wouldn’t let it stop me. I was hopeful that when I went ahead with the idea, that the emotion would still come across despite limitations of logistics. I always welcome opinions and love to hear about peoples’ experiences in my worlds since that’s the most important part to me. I’m sorry you missed the cows which are teleports in the barn on the cliffs. That barn is the only thing on that level of the sim other than the cliffs and lighthouses, and you’re the only person who has spoken up about not finding them. I hope you’re able to return, although some of the town has come down in preparations for Christmas. The town will entirely disappear near the end of the year in preparation for a final event on the cliffs.

    Lastly, I’d like to add that while I’m a realist SIM designer, even when a build is of a real place, I use my imagination and not every place or item will match the real place, often intentionally, and no one can really claim that imagination is incorrect. I did spend a lot of time researching the town and reproducing some of the actual places though. So I think Amanda my have touched on that. While all opinions are welcomed with interest, one might want to get all the facts before stating otherwise, i.e., nothing else was on the SIM. I used almost 20,000 prims so there’s a bit there. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Even forcing the landing point doesn’t work when people just fly into the SIM, so I have to rely on folks finding the lit barn with 2 cows which are the teleports, aside from a big ugly glaring sign in the middle of the field that says CLICK COW IN BARN FOR TP TO TOWN AND LANDING POINT. Please give me a holler inworld if you or anyone would like a folder with all three landmarks, which is also offered at the landing point. ๐Ÿ™‚ Carry on! …with hope in the eyes of adversity! ๐Ÿ™‚

    ~ Tah

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  3. Hi Tah,
    thx for commenting here on my unworthy blog. I really appreciate it. Yes, I just dropped in. Found out from Amada’s blog on wich LEA sim your White Cliffs are and TPed to it. I can’t recall where exactly I landed and am far too hectic/impatient to care about such stuffz. If it was in the sky I probably typed gth30 before anything even rezzed around me. That’s the guerilla in me: Get in, snap some photos, make LM, get out, publish blogstory 5 minutes later, before breakfast. All I know is I was dropped on the lawn somewhere between lighthouse and cliff.

    Yes, of course it’s basically impossible to recreate some RL stuff 1:1 in SL. And it’s not needed either. No SL resi will ever go there and do a comparison between RL and SL version. More important is to capture the feel and the atmo of a certain place, to communicate your impression. In so far I was completely wrong, didn’t know your White Cliffs were about Dover in WW2 but thought it was about the physical cliffs.

    Maybe I was blind but I didn’t even see a barn with cows. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Although now, in the published story I see it in 2 of the photos. Is it a temporary thing or of very very low LOD?

    Will probably visit the White Cliffs again to get your installation in its entirety and write an accompanieing piece for my blog to correct my mistake.

    That the LEA sims are privately owned I also didn’t know. Always thought they belonged to the Lindens and were tempoarily given to the artists to create their vision on them. But, oh my, they are obviously even more stingy/broke than most of us thought. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    Anyhoo, thanks again for dropping in, Tah, and clearing some stuffs up for me.

    Laterz xoxoxo


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