Mahalo, my American compadres,

there’s not much time left before you’re getting fucked from behind. 😮

And NOT in a nice, loving way. 😦

Do something against it! Fight this unamerican anti-freedom bullshit!!!

Now’s the time to act!!!

You never found it weird that a country as huge and big and fat as the USA only has, like, three ISPs?
That guy is not nice. 😦

Here in tiny Saffa, with hardly a dozen people using the internet, we have dozens, hundreds, even thousands of ISPs, fighting one another in a healthy rivalry or competition as is normal in a free market. Nobody in their right mind would ever dream about doing stupid stuff like your ISPs are doing. We don’t even need Net Neutrality for that since the free market regulates itself.

Seems in America, where the unspeakable just happened and a industry shill became boss of the ICC and of course wants to demolish Net Neutrality, you must take the fight to the ISPs and their ICC sock puppet.

That’s like employing a wolf as shepherd, like letting your 2 y/o managing your finances, like having a cat handling your furniture cleaning, like allowing Orca to write her own blog, like making Trump your president, like …


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