African Arts

Sawubona comrades.

Now indaba and phulaphulani to auntie Orca’s latest story. When I received message about an art exhibition of African Artists by the always so artsy Sheree Honeyflower I knew I was in for a treat. So not even 3 minutes after reading her blogpost I was on my way to the exhibitions in Staten Island sim. Exhibitions plural because it’s in fact two kinda related but also completely unrelated exhibits we can visit there.

Okeeee, let’s see:

staten island_003
Apartheid museum

First I went to the Apartheid Museum, where they present a collection of strong but, after half a century, very well-known press photographs. You know the kind of photos that made us not buying cape apples, and joining Free Mandela concerts and protest marches and all that. (While our top politicos sold and bought weapons from the same apartheid regime … jus’ sayin’). Yes, it’s a tired little exhibition and you must have lived under a rock all your life to take away anything new from it. Sorry, but it wasn’t worth the effort to TP there.

staten island_002
Apartheid Museum from the outside.

Same sim, just across the road in the next block, we find something much more interesting and much nicer. The African Modern Art exhibition ain’t very modern but shows mostly the kinda traditional painting style of African artists. That doesn’t matter the least little bit as it’s still a very enjoyable painting style.

staten island_007
5 levels of colourful and vibrant African lifestyle.

I loved not only most of the paintings but the playful presentation as well. You’ll hardly find any RL art gallery with a bar and children’s playground. Well, at African Modern Art you’ll have it, so your offspring can enjoy themselves while you enjoy the paintings.

staten island_005
Two African greats: Madiba and Rhino. 😉

And there was indeed much to enjoy. The creativity of often very poor, struggling African artists is wonderful. But even more how colourful and how positive they are. You can feel the joie de vivre coming out of every peace at the exhibit. Who knows, maybe one of the presented artists was the same guy who broke into our house and nicked our laptops. =^.^= You’ll never know in Africa.

staten island_004
Much biggerer than the Apartheid Museum.

Same as Sheree I was a bit disappointed that none of the paintings were on sale. I love that lively style of  most of ’em, and if not for the artistic value, they make nice design objects for hanging on the wall. And you can show to all your friends what a polyglot, open minded person you are. 🙂

staten island_001
Faux pas at the landing point. 😮

Now, at last I have something to really complain about. See the South African flag? Yeah, I’m no expert at flags and not the least little bit patriotic, but still: It’s not okay to be so lazy and just turn the flag on its head if you wanna show it from right to left. I wonder what Americans would say if I would hang their flag with the stars on the bottom. Or Germans when you present their flag with the golden stripe on top. It’s a nono! You just don’t do bullshit like that!

Yes, I know Saffa’s flag is a hit, very well fitting into the colourful art exhibit. Buuuuut it is an official state symbol of the Republic South Africa, it represents that country, ffs! It’s common knowledge and common wisdom everybody knows. And thinking about how easy it is to turn the image around and still keep the right order of colours (even Orca can do it), why are clever and artistic exhibition curators obviously not able to show at least a little bit of respect towards their object?

And to think that a fukn traitor of her fatherland like Orca, of all people, is the first one noticing this faux pas, shows again why I don’t like millenials. 😉 But this goes far beyond the realm of a simple blogpost, so I better shut up now. 😮

Hamba kahle


    • Well, the RSA flag is generally beloved and respected by everybody. As I said I don’t put much weight on national stuff but most people have other sensitivities than me. And what the organisers of the exhibition did there is a heavy insult of South Africa. Not very nice.


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