Oumuamua … in space!

Mørnings people 🙂

I’ve told you my interest in spacey things is limited to space operas in literature and motion pictures, having no patience for real science and observation. Still I guess I’m beating Inara Pey, our resident star-gazing blogger, in reporting about the first interstellar visitor to our little cozy star system (I’m hearing it being called Sol) ever. It’s an asteroid of probably kinda unusual form and shape but we don’t know many specifics.

Science or Fiction?

For that reason even our two big space agencies ESO and NASA are making use of an “artist’s impression” of Oumuamua. Oh, the asteroid’s name is officially Oumuamua. No idea how our professional stargazers know these things. Are there intelligent lifeforms on board of that lengthy rock which told them?

Arthur C. Clarke (1982).jpg
Arthur C. Clarke

Anyhoo, I find stuff like artist’s impressions on websites that are dedicated to the kinda dry science of space exploration, rather questionable. Hey, European and American space agencies, for our tax money we expect facts, nothing but pure dry facts. I hear some weird people find that interesting enough. For the fictional part, the infotainment factor, we’ve already got Hollywood and Arthur C. Clarke and other visionairies.

Don’t get me wrong please, even an ignoramous such as Orca kinda sees how important space exploration will be some day. And I can see our scientists of today are dabbling with the great unknown and much too huge budgets. But may I ask them to spend the money wisely and not on movie matte painters?🙂

Know who else find’s NASA’s speculations hilarous?

Exactly, the matchstick figures from XKCD.


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