Nothing Ever Changes

War, war, glorious war!

I dunno if nobody’s ever told them that Russia ain’t the USSR and a democratically elected president ain’t no communist. Because they still try to provoke and start a war with Russia.


Business, baby! Business and profit.

Orca won’t have no clue about these things so she better keeps out of manly men’s international political affairs. :/

When the Russians stay cool and won’t be provoked, we do it for them!

All I know is that Russia right now can’t set a foot wrong. They hardly react to the many provocations by NATO and western politicians and stay, like, super mellowed out and chill. So, if they refuse to do anything hostile … we do the job for them. Because we have to. The West, its capitalist system, and in particular their cheerleader USA, can only function with a well-defined enemy. We need to feel threatened in order to release all those tax billions to the military. Right?

For example the new plan by the EU to found it’s own European “Defense” Army or something; yeah, sounds groovy. Once we have that we can finally get out of the fukn NATO, right? Oh stupid naive Orca, you fukn peacenik hippie, the European force is thought to be implemented as an ADDITION to NATO!

\o/ YAY! \o/ Even more taxes to pay for weapons we don’t need. 😮

Did I tell you already that hubby and me are sooo fukn happy that we got out of that madhouse?


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