More Ice and Snow

Kaelin Alecto’s Groenland Kangamiut. Postcard #1.

It is due to sexy, well-informed and intelligent builders and überbloggeristas like Kate Bergdorf and Inara Pey, that bottomfeeder bloggers such as Orca Flotta sometimes get out of their ghettos and get to see super nice sims. Same as I was inspired by Kate Bergdorf’s blog yesterday, I was inspired by Inara’s latest blogstory as well and went directly to Groenland Kangamiut and tried to find out what makes this location so special.

As in every town, city or village worth their salt you’ll find the most action and fun at the harbour in Kangamiut as well.
My first way drives me into a mechanical bull parlor, where I briefly wonder if the probably American builders and sim admins know that Groenland is Danish territory and the bullriding ain’t a Danish pastime in any way, shape or form. Nevertheless I had some fun ridin’ the wild machine between my thighs. \o/ Ride it, cowgirl! Yeehaw!!! \o/
Ya, it’s all fun and games … until it isn’t anymore! 😮
This part of town is the real city center I guess. It is beautiful with its windswept snowcovered streets and walkways but not half as exciting as the harbour area.
Renting out bicycles in this town? Are they fukin nutz?
Not only is it stormy and freezing cold around here, we meet the fiercest nemesis of every biker: A funky stairway. 😮
The dangers of monopolies shown at the example of Kangamiut’s very badly stocked press kiosk: “Hej, one Polar Cirkel Expressen, please.” “We don’t stock that fake newspaper anymore, we only sell papers by our main sponsor.” “Ugh, go to hell!” “Guess where we are, you stinkin’ SJW!” 😦
I don’t know what it is with polar circle dwellers and high fashion. The cold fresh air obviously helps with creativity.
Postcard from Kangamiut #2.
A bit outside the villlage we have a small but oh so nice forest with super friendly fauna.
On the path to the fjord I meet two Firefox browsers. =^.^=
And down by the fjord I stumble across Chaos Mandelbrot’s extended family.
“You were sayin’?”
Postcard from Kangamiut #3.
Churches make me shiver in general, but even more so the one of Kangamiut. It’s obviously built right in tornado alley. Stupid.
Since the kirk is situated so high up the hillside, the clever Kangamiutians have put a sled rezzer here. Yaaaaaaay…
“Outta mah wayyyy, you horny fucker!!!”
“You were sayin’?”
Postcard  from Kangamiut #4.
RL Kangamiut is, quite contrary to SL Kangamiut, not a place were one wants to hang out for any longer than absolutely necessary.

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