Linux Hardware for Real People

Hunnerd bux cheaperer than same lappy with Win10. That’s good.

And Dell, our new hardware heroes, have many more new and updated computers in their Linux range. Also a wonderful iMac killing AIO. Read that article and find out.

iMac? What iMac? These are real computers for real adult human beings.

About the “fluff” you criticise Dell for, Joey Sneddon, this “save you time installing the distro …” is the most fluffy fluff I’ve read in a long time. Mr. Linux expert Sneddon should know that installing a simple Ubuntu-ish distro on a new computer takes like 5 minutes … tops! So if this wasn’t empty phrases just for the benefit of filling your website with nonsensical text, then I dunno what else.

The remark about the wireless card otoh is in fact worrying and you should have elaborated on that fact in more depths. I need to know if I can recommend Dell machines as cool Linux hardware for my readers.


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