R.I.P. Malcolm Young

*Sniff* :.(

The bestest in the business!

Yeah, slowly getting into x-mas and year’s end mode and 2017 trynna gonna be a fukn ruthless killa like 2016 was. 😦 Shit.

He was rumoured to be the best rythm guitarist in the rock business, and he most probably was. On the stage Malcolm always stayed in the back, hardly moving at all, just steady as a metronome hacking his riffs into the guitar. Behind the scenes he was the most important member of AC/DC, savagely loyal to the fans, penning most of AC/DC’s songs, being responsible for their tight sound, laying the foundation on which his bro Angus could do his showmanship.


64 is much too early, isn’t it? We knew he was diagnosed with dementia, which he battled for 3 years now. But dementia ain’t deadly, or is it? Anyway, here goes one of the alltime greatest.

Let’s hope in the end Malcolm took a different highway:


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