n o r t h

For this shot I choose a different windlight setting to make the whole island visible.

I’ve heard quite a lot about North, Kate Bergdorf’s latest sim/art/installation. In fact all the real cool blogger kidz already did their reports and made their fantastically cool and artful photos and everything. So clever editrix Orca thought sent the useless reporter Orca out to North to snoop around there for a bit. Let’s see what that girl came up with, shall we?

Brrrrr … fukn cold up here in the north. 😮

Here’s what Kate wrote in her notecard:

About North

Inspired by the raw and serene Scandinavian and Scottish northern landscapes, nature, fauna, ocean, vast empty spaces, and decrepit old buildings come together to make up the outside part of North. I intentionally opposed the rugged sim exterior with softer, more playful and cluttered interior spaces in order to create a contrast. I hope you will be as inspired when visiting North as I was when putting it together.

Kate Bergdorf


Music: North has its own music stream. Please turn it on, it enhances the experience. Songs are added on a regular basis.

Windlight: In process.

Settings: Please set draw-distance to maximum and make sure that the LOD Factor is not too low (Advanced – Show Debug Dettings – RenderVolumeLODFactor), it should be between 4 and 8

North Group: Join the n o r t h inworld group in order to rezz (20 minute auto return)

North Flickr: Post pics from North in the North Flickr group (https://www.flickr.com/groups/3916076@N23/0)

North Landing: 􀀀

Knowing my assignment wouldn’t be a cozy one I dug deep in my inventory and found my old Scandinavian traditional folksy style dress. Clever me. 😉
This wasn’t even a real snowfox, and conversation turned out to be quite boring … and I was freezing my ass off, so I left.
Not a very cozy town …
… but the last thing I expected to find here was a gymnasium incl. boxing club. 😮
Yes, that’s right, Orca. In this weather you better stay indoors.
Seems some of the inhabitants of the North are quite artistically gifted. This one is obviously a maker of fashion. Nice.
The people living in this mansion have a pretty stylish bohemian lifestyle.
And they are friends of the fine cuisine.
When two chicks are chatting …
… nothing good is coming from it. So I checked the private atelier of a painter instead.
Just around the corner we find a motel of the rundown sort. Honestly I don’t wanna spend a night here.
But North has a very nice literary café …
… which serves daily fresh doughnuts. Yumyum!
Kate! Now you’re overdoing it. Swimming? In the icey waters around the North? Completely gaga now or wot???
Hanging out in a hammock on the frozen beach is okay … for a little while.
Even a bit romantic.
But you don’t honestly expect me to dive from this board into the arctic sea, do you?
Pff. You know stunt avie Orca just can’t resist. =^.^=
After that joyful experience I need some ice cold drinkies.
Fortunately there is a sheep I can warm my cold fingers on. 🙂
Weird how even in the far north, in the ice cold climate, people find the energy and time to spoil the most serene landscapes with garbage and clutter.
Just what I needed to make my day complete: A barn with a pair of fukn doves. DOVES! Scourge of the earth, shitty shitters, crappy crappers. Eeeew. 😦
I bet Kate is quite a fan of the TV series Fortitude. At least she captured the same freezing cold atmosphere in her sim. Very very nicely done, I gotta say.




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