Linux Mint is for n00bs?

Yes, for them. Too. But, and I can’t stress that fact quite enough, Mint isn’t a beginner’s distro per se. Many old salts are working on that distro, using it as their daily rider. There is nothing wrong with Mint! Being on Distrowatch‘s ranking list in the #1 spot since years, you think it’s just blind n00bies that catapulted Mint in that spot? Naaaw.

And lately, after having run into some trubbels, even little Orcsi, the wannabe cool ArchLinux kid, is running Mint on her main machine, the mighty MiniMax. Here, have a look please:

This computer, like, 2 minutes ago.

“But Orca,” you might say, “this is your usual desktop, your usual system. Everything is exactly as it always was.” Yes, dearios, it’s remarkably close to my usual Manjaro desktop. Only visible difference you can spot on first glance, is the Linux Mint logo on the screen. The rest I tried to set up in exactly the way I always do. It meets my style of computing, my workflow: Small icons, super narrow panel on the lower side of the screen, my most used programs in panel, ready for 1-click start.

It’s my favourite Desktop Environment, MATE. It is relatively versatile to mod for all my needs, and it lets me do it all with ease. That’s why Mint Mate looks so much like Manjaro Mate on my machine.
Same computer some time ago, in April to be precise.

But the coolest thing is: It works. Flawlessly and fast! I’d even say it works better than Manjaro but that would be heresy, so I won’t say it. 🙂 No, but really, Mint 18.1 as I have it running on MiniMax, is very fast and responsive. Your mileage may vary. Of course, as soon as my hardware problems are sorted I’d re-install Manjaro. As I said already, Mint is kinda the coolest Linux distro around … only halfways crazy weirdo Orca feels better on Manjaro, cooler, more grown up, geeky, pundit-like.

But as I also said, Orca’s a funky weirdo and not to be copied or to be mimicked. My recommendation today is the same as yesterday and the day before and last week and last month and actually also the same as last year ffs! You wanna try Linux? Go get Mint!



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