Words of Wisdom

Orcsi only knows the Linux Kool-Aid.

No, not from Orcsi. That silly cartoon character has nothing to offer that is remotely wise or even clever. We’re talking about the very wise and helpful Joe Collins here. He’s got a much respected YouTube channel and some websites which just ooze wisdom from every pore.

Wisdom about what you may ask. Yeah, sorry, I forgot to mention Joe Collins’ declared goal is to get as many new users set up and familiar with GNU/Linux. And he’s doing it so well! So here’s his latest of many videos, aimed at total n00bs, trying to get them started on the right foot. Watching this as an old salt in the Linux scene, makes not much sense, but for my housewifely readers this very broad infovid is kinda perfect.

So pleez watch this:

The title is a bit misleading me thinks. This ain’t a video telling you in detail how to get out of a self-created pickle but sets out much earlier. It’s made for total n00bs before they even start. It starts  even before you know what hardware to install your Linux on and even helps you on deciding what Linux you need to install as your first system.

Even Orca, in all her special snowflakeyness, watched the video, all 40 minutes of it, and was nodding her head all the time. I can not order you to watch it as well … oh, hey, I can try can’t I? So here goes: PEEPS, PARTICULARLY STUPID HOUSEWIFES, KLICKER ON THE VIDEO AND FUKN WATCH IT!!!

The amount of computer related info can sometimes be a bit overwhelming.


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