PC Problems + Building Inworld

Good morning, friendlies.

Yes, I know it must be so tiring – and for Windows fans also oddly satisfying – to hear about Orca’s computer trubbels, innit? But I can assure you – and anger the Microsoft fangurlz – by stating Linux is not to blame! No, it isn’t! But what indeed caused me trubbels again is the funkin motherboard. MiniMax forgets all its settings every time I restart him. And since a couple days video sound becomes softer and softer and I need to pump up the volume in the sound settings … like every 5 minutes. 😮


Shit crap. But Orca wouldn’t be the nifty Linux girly who knows all things computer, hadn’t she a solution handy: Just back up all my data (3 mins), format SSD (3 times to make sure it’s really clean) and reinstall ManjaroLinux (10 mins). No biggie, right?

Oh hell, yes it’s a biggie … and a big one at that. MiniMaxen’s mobo is so confuzzled by now, it won’t let me install any Arch or Debian Linuxes. 😮 So after trying it with a plethora of distros, I settle for LinuxMint 18.1. You know? That distro I always recommend not for total, but for half-blind n00bs? Yeah, that one. It’s great and works 100% every time, on every computer, and for every housewife!!!

Now you’re asking why didn’t I bring the mobo back in to Gigabyte and make a scene there? Easy answer: Oubaas is back at the mechanic and we’re grounded again. It’s always during these periods that my IT hardware starts to act up. 😦 Anyhoo, will get Oubaas back on Friday and then my first test drive will go directly to Gigabyte’s repair center.

But for now I made my temporary home in Mint, and even installed the Singularity viewer … and of course had to test it out in world again …


None of my small circle of tightknit friends were online, not even the closest 200 or so. So I continued my long neglected building on the Thar She Blows! headquarters. Can’t see any diff from last time? Well, the changes are subtle, but there are some. Added two sidewalls plus some windows on first storey. The whole thing slowly starts to look like something. Dunno what exactly, but like … something. And that’s good enough for me, for now. =^.^=


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