Marketing Gone Bad! :o

For a prime example look no further than this:


Riddle me this, PURElite: How can your Young Coconut Water be so pure when you’re adding Pineapple Flavour to it? In the real world we know such things as mixers, which is kinda the opposite of Pure, isn’t it?

Holy fukn Jeebus on a stick, I tell ya, Saffas and logic don’t go well together. :/

And the taste? Like old socks, really. I much prefer the original cocos taste over the pineapple mix.

Ok, today’s rant is over.



      • Doesn’t that defy the purpose of pure once more? 😉 Apart from the fact that I am actually looking for something to drink with only little to no sugar in anyway ;D You know something for a change when I am fed up with water and tea for the time being 😉

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        • The things we do to get a tasty drink.
          Nooo, I’d never sweeten my coconut water, the rare occasions I have it I use it as is.
          Hmm, maybe not everyone’s idea of tasty but I almost exclusively drink tap water with a spritz of Oros. Faaaar below the recommended mix ratio of 1/3 because that would make the shit too sticky and sweet.


    • Wasn’t planned as a rant neither, was just something I noticed and found brainfartish. And what then turned out to be kinda rantish post by yours truly.


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